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Cell phones transmit and receive radio waves that are electromagnetic radiations. These radiations are non-ionizing and are not harmful but constant exposure to these emissions can cause irreversible damage.
A fairly recent study shows that teens who overuse cell phones may indeed be risking their education. These teens tend to read less and isolate themselves from perusing an education.
This piece is a review of an older model of cellphone; the virgin mobile arc. Virgin mobile had a good standing among cell phones in the past.
There appears to be an epidemic of bad etiquette when it comes to mobile devices and live performances.
Taking a hard look at Technology seeing it not as something that brings us together but as something that is being used as tool of division. Like the Luddites before me I am skeptical about the over abundance of tech use.
The first sign of age on any cellphone is the battery life. This article will explain some tips on extending your cell phone's battery life
Adults use cell phones to communicate with loved ones every day. Yet we tell students to quit talking, put the phones away, and pay attention in class. I think our mixed message does a disservice to today's young people.
Examining the 'novel' 1984 by George Orwell, and that he was thirty years too early
3G Technology is the smartest and fastest way to connect with the world.
In this article you know about the Sell Your Samsung Mobile Phones.
This article is about the Disadvantages of Mobile Phones.
Some people can't go anywhere or do anything without an I-phone in their hand. Is real life passing you by because you're constantly texting, Twittering or updating your Facebook page?
We often hear people complaining about teenagers and kids being selfish and ungrateful. If so, whose fault is that? I think perhaps previous generations failed to teach them gratitude along the way.
Coming back from Europe was a culture shock for me.
Sometimes I think many of us get heartedly sick of cell phones/mobiles and peoples' voices blaring everywhere, of banging, shouting, noise noise noise...what happened to the peaceful seems to have left long time ago....
Are cell phones directly linked to the rising rates of cancer? Recent studies may have the answer.
When you read this you can probably substitute los angeles for the place you dwell unless you are fortunate to live in a place where nature and loving and respect still dwell. Of course not everybody is as I have written and there are many beautiful places to visit in this city of An...
This article examines our addiction to 'smart phones' and how they are taking away our inherent abilities to reason and comprehend.
Walking through our lives can oft be difficult...people have little or no consideration for others...loud voices, banging, mobiles and cells yakety yak..but we have to keep on keeping on letting go of what does not work...
An explanation of the maximum number of characters which can be used in an SMS message and the impact of different encoding alphabets.
This page is about online Recharge which is easy and efficient.
This article is about sending Voice SMS to our friends and relatives
This page is about facebook addicts who are spending their time with fb
This article is about cell phone hackers who are giving missed calls from unknown numbers
This article is about the Recent 3D cell phones which is the gift of advanced technology
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