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Some people have a talent for being freaky. They can't help it. It's like a curse or something.
Cellphones are like children. You have to know where they are at all times, otherwise, the worst could happen and you'll never see them alive again...
Mobile phones are a necessity in modern day live(s). Yet, aren't we becoming slaves of this Technology and using it in places and at times when it should not be used? Please read on...
This cell phone readable Barcode is the most spectacular piece of software that I have yet seen. It can store phone numbers, URLs, email addresses, text messages and pretty much any other alphanumeric data that you can think of on a tiny oddly patterned square...
This article talks about how apps are used to make certain parts of our lives easier.
This article is about how cellphones are become mini-computers
When you buy a new cellphone or smartphone, the next thing you need to do is accessorize it. This is a guide to some of the must have cellphone accessories.
Mobile application makers are creating new business opportunity for people in search of a job or just some extra cash. Small business and consumers are embracing this exciting new path.
A young woman in Pakistan was stoned to death by her uncle after the order of Panchayat because they found out that she has cellphone. I compare her to Mary Magdalene who was about to be stoned by the male in the time of Jesus. Mary Magdalene was spared from death but this woman was s...
That technology race has cause may manufacturers to really dig deep
Leading a daily life without any problem is the most vital. It has been observed that the daily life requires the active support not only from family members, colleagues and friends but also a few essential things which contribute to a great success to our life.
This article is about Living our life Without Smart Phone
Having a mobile phone is an extreme privilege, with all the amenities and services it offers, However, expenses of phone usage may cost you a lot. Here in this article you will learn few tips on how to save your money.
This article is about avoiding cell phones in the public places
The SAR is short for Specific Absorption Rate that is a measure of the amount of radio frequency (RF) energy absorbed by the body when using the handset. All cell phones release RF energy and the SAR differs by handset model.
Do you hate going for out for lunch only to have your enjoyable meal ruined by loud talking business people?
Energy is one the primary needs but crisis risk demands innovation especially in the utilization part.
Sometimes it is important o go outside the house for finding the solution for problems present in the house. An approach explained for electricity conservation.
Cell phone is playing an important role in this modern world. It is very hard to see a person without a mobile phone.
In this article I breakdown how you can have your cell phone last up tp 40 hours with theses steps
This is my opinion on whether the rumored ACS exists.
Sometimes I wish I could turn off things happening around them, simply ignore them until I have time to deal with them.
This article is about teaching lessons via cell phone which is the recent trend
Internet now a days offering many services among which voice data transfer is one, but in Bangladesh no-one is allowed to use that!
Most of the people in this world prefer to use cellphone than using letters which take a lot of time and not guaranteed because if the letter goes in the wrong hands then its a problem whether it maybe confidential or private it can be read easily............
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