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I lost my dad then ...when did you... or are you still lucky ..So happy you must be moms and dads are irreplaceable ... come ask me ...Tears of joy..... they were my parents and you?
Jack Abramoff's story shows that the most efficient lobbying strategy during his career consisted in “owning” the public sphere without actually being part of it.(1) However, the borders between lobbying and politics became blurred. New perspectives arose. New methods were develop...
This restaurant has been in business since the 18th Century and has been noted by the Guinness Book as the oldest in Catalunya and the second oldest ones in Spain.
I am astonished by the brevity of time-lines and how much change happens in a single generation. How do we engage with these things in the writing of fiction or other kinds of narrative?
They say predicting the reason behind a political decision is tougher than predicting its outcome. The truth of this statement weighs down on my mind as I write this article, and I hope the readers’ response would dispel some of these questions which are reigning supreme inside my h...
"The nature keeps its secret laws, an iron angel in a cradle..."
Pearls are different from gemstones in many ways. For example, pearls come from beneath water, whereas gemstones come from beneath the earth.
Tavern Advertisements Were a common means of advertising in the ninteenth century for Pubs, Taverns, and Inns. Signs hung over doorways inviting travellers to come inside.
Cricket is very exciting game. Cricket lovers enjoy the game with full enthusiasm.
Age old English Embroidery completely dedicated to Church in those days.
The game cricket faces a number of controlling factors, a number of variables and hence is known as game of uncertainities.The game is interesting and have lots of interesting facts.
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