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Life's Challenges Feel the feelings of happiness in composing extraordinary sacrificial poetry
Even though there will certainly be times of tests and trials, each individual has been entrusted with a gift and/or talent that empowers them to be productive in their calling. The challenge for us is to be ourselves and not try to be something we're not.
I would like to write a light topic today, so what would I thought about morning???....Coffee of course.
We manage to retrace our steps from the brink of another world war though our innate urge to tempt fate is alive and well reminding of an elephant’s mock charge! The challenges of pursuing our scientific progress while reining our destructive tendency can be met by finding meaning t...
We use our hands for nearly everything we do. Temporarily losing the use of one of them can be devastating, but there are a few tips and tricks to get by.
After the completion of graduation everyone seeks employment without knowing that there is stress in every work issues. Once employed it is our duty to perform the work with due care and attention. Under no circumstances can we be negligent...
In big cities and even in many smaller ones, eating out is becoming quite common. Many people even do so every weekend. The Trend of standalone Restaurants has caught in cities like Newyork City, London, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Shanghai, Paris and many more. So, what are the challen...
Parenting is the most neglected role in the modern social lifestyle. Parents today have to face great challenges which had been unknown in the past. Parents should be ready to make their children take up responsibilities and do things without any intervention.
If you want to create something like a piece of art or a photograph, here's a challenge for you!
Loving others is not easy. It needs a heart of kindness. All religious teachings or commandments are based on love.
Every year my husband and I for Valentines Day we do something special for someone else. An elder is our community.
My photo challenge number 9 is «spotlight». You can make the spotlight yourself or wait for Mother Nature's help.
A bold challenge to those protesting the Mike Brown court decision. Will you accept this challenge?
After years of blogging and working towards that illusive one million views target, I have decided to come back to wikinut to finally make the dream a reality.
Yes there is no doubt that this invention has really caught the attention of many
How fit do you really need to be to complete Tough Mudder?
Are you new to Wikinut? If you are then have a look at this article then answer this challenge. I am confident the every single Wikinut on this site will support you in getting going, growing and becoming more confident as a writer. The truth is the Internet can be a terribly lonesome...
Number eight on my photo challenge list is «reflections». You can find them everywhere if you look.
The color red should give you enough to work with if you're looking for something inspiring for your next creative project whether you're a painter, writer or photographer. Join me on my tour through creative assignments!
We need to break down the sources of friction that hold us back from realizing our true potential. Not only are we provided with the needed capabilities, but also the Creator holds our hands in subtle ways. Time to open our eyes.
Let the word HEAT be your next challenge whether you are a photographer or a painter. Even if you are not into these arts let this be an inspiration to create something hot!
Are you a creative person who sometimes feels stuck and don’t know what to create? Take on this challenge! Challenge number 3 is “TIME”.
Explanation on the importance of providing and receiving feedback for personal growth.
Part 1 of a story of courage, rescue and the inherent drive to love and be loved.
One always feel that he has suffered a lot.. faced a lot.. nd wanted to share that with someone...but in true facts the experience is our own, no one else gives a damn..
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