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Life's Challenges Feel the feelings of happiness in composing extraordinary sacrificial poetry
My photo challenge number 9 is «spotlight». You can make the spotlight yourself or wait for Mother Nature's help.
How different was the home life my children had in contrast with my own childhood. The Lord had heard the prayer of my young heart and had shown me how to find that “better way to live.” I could see the fruit of following His instruction all around me...a living miracle.
Retirement life is a challenging ,undaunted period..During this phase life will be enriched with no of activities like doing household jobs, playing with grand children,pets,reading daily newspapers,books,watching tv shows..More over, we may be engaged in developing the hobby of p...
Number eight on my photo challenge list is «reflections». You can find them everywhere if you look.
Organizing for change and challenging the capitalist system are two of the toughest challenges facing the working people of the world and the truth is you do need to invest in change, be a part of it, advocate for it, fight for it, begin by fighting in every forum where this is possib...
This guy challenged me is about composing poetry instantly
chocolate candies are meant for ladies and children and now for gents with beer flavoured candy is introduced 3 years back itself.
Cycling and trekking is difficult job and that too Unicycling in mountains is more difficult in mountains, really it is crazy, hazardous and challenging.
Nathan , my son... He is one of a kind that is for sure he keeps me focused when he is around. Always seeking a new adventure, Talented yet Lacks the confidence that he will succeed... He was devistated when his Jesse passed. It was as if part of Nathan died with Jesse. . He felt tha...
This page is about dealing with challenges in our life. We must face them using our confidence.
No one would raise his or her hand voluntarily wanting to have problems, agonies or difficulties in life. It is not in our imaginations or our dreams; we are always after happiness, fun and luxury as much as possible.
One of the hardest things to deal with in life is false expectations; where we, or other people, expect usually too much from us, but sometimes too little. Our false expectations and theirs are present because of unreconciled inner wishes.
To be an Inspirationalist Photographer you must be able to see with your heart that which may or may not be................
Since our life is full of competitions and challenges from the beginning to the end. We must face all the competitions with our confidence and will power and express our real talents and skills to win over the competition.
This is my next challenge to all writers who have not yet earned their first Star
In the gestures for dividing, the speaker may move his or her hand with the palm vertically held; doing this will allow the speaker to give emphasis on how some fact or ideas are divided in different parts.
Children are fruits of love. They are the special gifts of God given to parents as a token of His ever-growing love. some children are considered special due to some defects in birth. They need special treatment.
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