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Six of the best herbal teas to aid digestion. The first post of a series on healing teas. Each is introduced with it's own descriptive Haiku.
There are some main hints to take into account when dealing with fever. What to do and what to drink. This piece of advice will keep you in good health.
How people with sleep disturbances can get a more restful night's sleep by drinking chamomile tea before bedtime.
While living in California, I took a course in herbology called the “12 most powerful common herbs.” These herbs are considered by many herbalists to be the most powerful among “everyday herbs,” and a good starting point for learning the symptom/herb relationship. Premier to...
As we start to come out of the recession, we need ways to perk up our beauty routines that don't break the bank. Check in your grcocery cupboard, you may already have a lot of these ingredients
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