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Can these simple tips and changing the pattern of life, improve your cholesterol file - the promotion of public health.
I think we never grow tired of letting people in. It's just awful to realize that some of them won't stay. It could either be that they have some huge issues, or that you're just really bad at keeping them. And I believe I fall on the latter part. Well. Enough with my issues and let's...
This morning I am talking about DMA. No, it's not a mistype ... I didn't mean DNA. I really meant DMA. What's DMA? Good question ... join me and I'll explain it all to you.
Changes charge into your life whether you like it or not. Some changes are scary, inconvenient, frustrating and annoying to boot. As much as you want to avoid them but can't, as hard as the change may be, you can't let it get the best of you.
There comes a point in everyone’s life when they evaluate themselves. Everyone wants to make life better. We try to change ourselves for the better. Here are some steps you can take to make small changes to better you life.
For those who are living in Singapore, OCBC has a saving account that is called OCBC 360 Account, which has the best saving interest in Singapore currently. With their new changes implemented, you are earn up to maximum of 4.2%. Read more to find out how!
Five years is kinda short period to see those drastic changes with these celebrities.
Every choice leads to change. Big or small, today or tomorrow the choices we make will change our lives, or that of someone else. That is what this poem with its verses tells.
As the New Year arrived, it is time to take stock of things and plan for the year ahead. I want to start with a self-appraisal of myself, find my strengths and weaknesses. I thought it'd be prudent to use Jefferson's list of virtues and measure myself on a scale of zero to ten. Here g...
How different was the home life my children had in contrast with my own childhood. The Lord had heard the prayer of my young heart and had shown me how to find that “better way to live.” I could see the fruit of following His instruction all around me...a living miracle.
This is a poem about your ability and that we can change in to more if we feel for others
Life is beautiful do you not agree? It is the single most fascinating thing there is, simply because it exists, when it as easily could not. We are here. Now ask yourself, as magnificent as the occurrence of life is, is the way we live it equal to it? Does the meaning of life we have...
What Putin said to the Duma in August of 2013 is pertinent to the current USA/Mexico border crisis. The leaders should take heed of an intelligent assessment.
Is Fate another word for coincidence? Whether we realize it or not, Fate plays a part in all our lives, but not of all us will understand our destiny.
Life and living are fraught with changes and challenges so too many variable
“Don't beat yourself up for not knowing the answers. You don't always have to know who you are. You don't have to have the big picture, or know where you're heading. Sometimes, it's enough just to know what you're going to do next.” ― Sophie Kinsella, The Undomestic Goddess
Life is very unpredictable.having faith without doubt is the greatest of gifts...........explore every avenue,leave no stone unturned
This is written for all whose past is full of hardship and sorrows that are difficult to forget ...Be encouraged ... there is One who can restore the years the locust have eaten ... and give you a new start ...
Even though times may be hard one has to be determined
Losing a good friend is hard enough then you add betrayal and your heart breaks
What a change the LaPierre family was about to encounter! Would we stand the test of faith that we will need to get us through? Little did we know that it would be six long years before we could make another change. God help us!
“Allowing yourself to be a conduit for opportunity requires a brand new outlook on life. Lady fortune cannot enter a locked door, you know. And contrary to that well-known saying, she has rarely been known to knock” ― Chris Murray
Just one of the many changes in the chapter of our lives
This entry talks about death and the inevitability of it.
“We can't be afraid of change. You may feel very secure in the pond that you are in, but if you never venture out of it, you will never know that there is such a thing as an ocean, a sea. Holding onto something that is good for you now, may be the very reason why you don't have some...
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