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This morning I am talking about DMA. No, it's not a mistype ... I didn't mean DNA. I really meant DMA. What's DMA? Good question ... join me and I'll explain it all to you.
This is a poem about your ability and that we can change in to more if we feel for others
Life is beautiful do you not agree? It is the single most fascinating thing there is, simply because it exists, when it as easily could not. We are here. Now ask yourself, as magnificent as the occurrence of life is, is the way we live it equal to it? Does the meaning of life we have...
When one hears an individual speak about someone else by saying that the person is full of themselves, quite often they mean the person is 'full of pride.' It may not be easy to let pride go, especially if you have been taught for years to 'have pride'. However It is essential, for ...
Our thoughts can be powered by the energy of love. If so, these thoughts will change our world for us in a positive way. If not though, our thoughts being powered by our fears, will likely as much change our world for us in a negative way. The world is just the world. Try to see it f...
Despite the challenges and obstacles that we all face, we can be joyful and take comfort in knowing that nothing shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus.
Swearing is a simple propensity to get, and a hard one to break. In any case assuming that you are not kidding about cleaning up your dialect, it might be carried out. Read beneath for assistance on the most proficient method to abstain from saying terrible words.
It's that time of year again but are New Year resolutions really the best way to achieve your goals?
Time is always moving us forward to see more of the precious moments that lie within change, so don't waste time holding on to an outmoded rut. This is just a reminder to not rush your time and overlook all of the precious things life brings. Time moves quickly creating change and wi...
Pakistan has become a place where smiling is considered to be the greatest fear and tears are the ultimate tools of catharsis. People need to change. People need a change.
Again the Invisible man talks to his imaginary friend his only friend and they talk of changes.
It is not possible to control the change, whoever tried paid whether it was the church before renaissance, suppression of women or genocide by Hitler. The only work which can be done is to give direction to the change.
there are times, when we just cant do anything to change what we dont like in our life...that is the time when we decide to just go with the flow and sometimes, the pain is so casual that we are okay to go on with it for a long long time....sometimes you just give in and give
Change - what's new? It is inevitable, terrifying and constant. Many fear it. Many try to hide from it. But what, if anything, are older generations missing out on if the do not embrace it?
How do you view death, divorce, job loss, transitions or any bad situations that arise? Do you choose to think of the bad situation as Freedom or think of it as "Why me"? How you can change your thoughts to change your life.
Is fear holding you back from doing things you love? Are you ready to conquer that on!!!!
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