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The world situation is bleak, and a financial collapse (by design) is imminent. When that happens people must know what NOT to do in order prevent riots and anarchy in the streets. For the people it simply must be "Business as usual," only this time WITHOUT the apparent convenience...
The short Presidency of Donald Trump has turned into a complete disaster.
What the Trump Administration is trying to do is send America into chaos
Nothing is more important to, you, the HUman race, at this point in your events than to “understand” your history upon this once new earth, for in doing so “you will succeed” with the help of others to set yourselves free. How is this? Because the bondage the Hellions have ove...
My attempt to counter those within the Anarchist Movement that say "No God" by giving a personal glimpse into my psyche
The story that I'm sharing actually came from a dream I had over a year ago. It has war, survival and love in it. I do believe there are some lessons to learned from this fictional tale.
This is a fictional story of World War 3 and the chaos that will descend on the people of America. I will divide this story into chapters and parts. Each Chapter will have 4 parts.
Being part of the whole creative process is itself a blessing. We are just one among the species allowed to be part of the ride and how we play our role determines our legacy. We presume we are more aware of the process and that behooves us to play our part to the hilt - time indeed f...
Before known time at beginning of this fourth yuga no-thing existed...then out of chaos came evolution and it has taken over 400 billion years for us to be as we are today and some still are not....enjoy!
This poem relates love in solitude due to misunderstanding and incompatibility.
Like Charlie Brown and his friends, Mafalda is a lovable character created by Quino that tells us many truths about life and our daily living.
In springtime bulbs turn into a riot of flowers...colours galore. So does happen for each one of us what we do become based always on our choices of how we are ...a shining light or dullish weed...yet all is one...enjoy
Some people say that those who take their own lives must live it over again to try and succeed at the next go-around. People are adorable. Let's have some fun, Dad.
Moving Day is a very dangerous day. Never forget the reach of thy might, thy formless flexibility, thy fluid flow eluding even a name, lest you make it so. Thou art but a muon; there and gone before thou couldst be known, but part of a greater whole.
So many choices we are given what to do, to eat, to be..what we are taught at an early age often influences these and we can see quite clearly what people have chosen from the way they look, the way they talk, the way they be..please do not take this I am hitting hard.....
I look at my watch, it was time to say hello to my neighbor
Love is the nothing that is everything. Freedom is a birthright that we forfeit. Death is a reality that we cowardly accept.
This article uses the darkness of a cave as an allegory for spiritual darkness. What affect does spiritual darkness have on us and how can we escape it?
Inspirational piece as a reminder that regardless of life's adversities we can be true to ourselves and always have a place within that we can find tranquility and peace. This helps to make clear decisions and keep goals in focus.
The world has gone topsy turvy and in many ways is in turmoil and chaos - but does it have to be this way ?
What happens when a gate is left open unexpectedly.
What kind of experience does this paint for you? What landscapes, or mindscapes, form in your head upon immersing imagination in these words?
Creation continues as She moves through universal chaos knowing that perfection within is guiding Her. Rounds of time come forward reflecting what will be always guided by the Mighty One.
This is the journey of a Seeker through time and space with all the abilities to create universes, manage chaos and do the mighty things She has been gifted with.
The very dark future for the Nations who enjoyed their 'Arab Spring' and now have entered the treacherous Islamic Winter
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