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Most people are familiar with the cliche, "...the patience of JΘB." But the hardships presented in the 1st chapter could dissuade the reader from reading on, and not see the character traits that distinguish JΘB from most men in his day.
An analysis of a character in literature constitutes an extension of a person’s verbal representation especially the inert behavior that controls speech, manner, and thought. Through the direct speech, actions, dialogue, and commentary, literature encapsulates some of the natural in...
All gold mines start in the mind and spirit. Those are not my words. Those are the universal thinking process of the genuinely successful who get it. My birthday is near this writing and my birthday is right before tax day (my birthday is April 13th, 2017). These are reflections on th...
The key to dealing with reality is doing what is necessary to deal with it in all situations that are between you and your objective. It sounds simple until those course corrections are needed and the emergency type things that are not planned happen. Then, where are you? You are in a...
Wonder Boys, a 2000 film is a delightful comedy about a writer and will be interesting to all writers and wannabe writers.
I would find out where the child learned stealing from, and where we parents have failed in inspiring the child to be of high moral conduct? In fact, the parents inspiration should be so strong that the child does not pick up any bad characteristic from any source.
I know that it could be cultivated by a person in his/her personality through developing certain qualities in built-in characteristics, habitual conduct and ways of dealing others. Thus, characteristics, conduct and ways make three distinct categories under which we may study those fe...
Our traveling feet not only march over winding paths or rocky mountains, but trudge through a journey of emotions, feel the earth like a pulse, and the heart still exists in it all.
So what is a character? or for that fact, a Chinese character? A character can be many things, most websites make a minimum amount of characters before you can publish your article
Being a human being, losing is a part of life and we only have to accept those defeats. But unless we learn something from those failures, it is difficult to succeed in life
All good characters are loving characters according to this writer. Love is greater than all of its parts. Love is unlimited. Love is forever growing and expanding. A value should be the same, as it is part of love. It contains love, and comes out of love. Once a value becomes a tr...
the building of our character will determine our future, therefore it is imperative that we weigh up the words that we say about another person, or how we judge other moral standards, character can build a lasting relationship. but hurtful words can easily tear it back down.
personality is an influence within the sphere of our life, which determines the characteristics and attributes we exercise in our daily walk, especially the values that has great impact upon the behavior of the individuals.
A screenplay is a shorter, easier and more remunerative alternative to writing a novel. However, it needs special technique of formatting.
Tigers and lions can never be really tamed, though some are kept as prisoners in cages for show. But cats have been tame animals from the very earliest times. Cats were kept as pets even in ancient Egypt, thousand of years ago, and the Egyptians worshiped a goddess with the head of a ...
When wealth is lost nothing is lost. When health is lost something is lost. When character is lost all is lost.
It is more than just a good idea to listen closely when someone is speaking ~ and to ~ choose very carefully the words of response Also there are wonderful benefits in finding out what the Creator of the universe says concerning the situation in His wonderful Book of Life and Love. ...
Character analysis of the deeply flawed and fully human Willy Loman
These Boy Toys are looking for someone to take care of them financially. They seek an older gentleman with money that can provide them with an apartment, a car, tuition, a career boost, and of course money.
Not all Trannies’ are gay. Unlike the Queen's who have almost the same term. Tranny's are different in many aspects and deserve your respect both as a writer and as a reader.
Many famous drag queens have filled stage and scene. Ru Paul made this character famous. The original Super Model.
The Flaming Queen is a very interesting character. Nothing to do with the Queen.
This page contains specific tips regarding naming your characters and using cliché phrases in works of fiction.
We adopted 2 kittens back in August, they are now 7 months old, and it was their first Christmas. Read on to find out more about it.
So many of us make New Year’s resolutions, which quickly fall by the wayside; instead, make a pact that you will be better, and treat others better each day for the rest of your life. Be someone you could look up to, a role model, rather than just another fallen traveler.
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