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Prague student,and my good friend Peter Studený, is planning to achieve his lifetime ambition.
The holiday season may be over. But charitable events managed to flourish at that time even if the gathered donations are not limited to cash. Knowing that charity doesn’t have to be synonymous with money, some companies focused on the giving part, not the fund-raising part. How wa...
Why you should care about travel website Caroline's Rainbow Foundation.
Familia, a charitable organisation has been doing exceptional social service in the rural region near Calcutta. Here is a description about its mission and its various activities.
This article is about giving our old and used things to orphanage and charity
I am 68-years-old and I am running with the bulls this year. I think that my beloved significant other is out to collect on my life insurance because she was the one that entered me in The Running of the Bulls. No, not the one in Pamploma, Spain, the one in Denver, Colorado. The Highl...
This page is designed to offer a very brief overview of the manner in which some fans of Amy Jade Winehouse have been coping with their grief that resulted from the loss of the megastar.
This page is designed to explore efforts to encourage the Walkway of Fame Committee of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to waive the 'five year rule' in regards to posthumous inductions and to proceed with a decision in favor of an accelerated Amy Jade Winehouse induction.
This page is designed to encourage volunteers to create informational pages on Wikinut about the Amy Winehouse Foundation and other charities. All "how to" elements of the page are generic to all charities.
This page is designed to encourage fans of Amy Jade Winehouse to begin participating in the 'Amy Page Hobby' by joining the 'Amy Page Movement' and launching their own facebook 'Amy Page.' The 'how to' elements of this page are fully applicable to the construction of many varieties of...
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