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Public Figures often come out of their extremely packed schedules to help out the less fortunate. In this article, we are going to read about Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva who is one of those generous public figures to have helped the needy at various occasions.
Wikinut has announced it will not be paying for content posted meaning all users will stop earning revenue from the site. This news comes out of the blue as payments made were more of an encouragement than rewarding. Hopefully, matters will turn around soon so that we continue to have...
Are you a giver? Do you want to know that the children who otherwise wouldn't get a Christmas present because they are in some unfortunate circumstances then you should give to children's charities at Christmas.
Various religious institutions teach the traits of a holy state of conducting oneself and each of you have heard it all many times over. However, variances of the truth are only offered. Let us therefore pause in our series and take a closer look at the Universal Expected Conduct of H...
Yesterday I learned something new, which seemed rather strange to me. This strange concept was that of tithing, which is the practice of gifting ten percent of your total income to religious bodies or charity.
How to make money ?? Money changes everything. Money makes you a sufferrer to a successor and often an offender. You will find out that this article is exactly opposite to what the title says.
Many people turn their noses down on people who go to food banks. Poverty in Canada is a serious social problem. Not everyone who is poor is lazy, but many of us need a helping hand.
Prague student,and my good friend Peter Studený, is planning to achieve his lifetime ambition.
A Saudi prince has announced his fortune of US$ 32 Billion for charities. This is a welcome move and I decided to show my gratitude as a human being, towards the benevolent action of the Saudi Royal Prince. This also teaches the rich nations to come forward to even out the distributio...
This article is an example of kindness given to new immigrants to Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
If you are the philanthropic type, but are looking for something a little outside of the box from the bigger and more well known charities, you may want to consider the following causes!
Giving and Charitable causes is always a complex issue and we are asked to contribute for much of our waking day, but it is necessary to ask whether we should be giving to many of the causes or whether they should be a part the duties of a normal caring society?
I was reading this article about Mother Theresa, and it brought to surface many complex thoughts. Has anybody done any study about improvement in the way children treat parents before and after the lady?
The holiday season may be over. But charitable events managed to flourish at that time even if the gathered donations are not limited to cash. Knowing that charity doesn’t have to be synonymous with money, some companies focused on the giving part, not the fund-raising part. How wa...
A 3 different poems spurred by "World Kindness Day" back to back with a poem about mating in animal kingdom and a piece dedicated to a missing cat.
What would you discover if you gave a homeless person some cash and then followed him around to see what he did with it?
Have you ever wondered why trafficking of young ladies and girls could be done easily in many countries? Why do some bachelors have to buy wives?
I have just moderated an article written by one of Wikinut's right wingers which is a mean-spirited hit piece on Michelle Obama, accusing her of having engaged in "thug politics" in Chicago and bringing her "thug politics" to Washington. The article trashed her for her alleged extrava...
A Kentucky man's generosity and charitable spirit is enough to restore even the most jaded observer's faith in humanity
Opening your home and heart to others can sometimes result in unexpected rewards.
Thoughts on giving and how it can benefit both the giver and the recipient.
How do you determine who and where your charitable donations go?
Homelessness is more and more being seen as a crime in America, as municipalities seek to rid themselves of people forced to live on the streets. Where is our compassion?
Before donating any food to a Food Bank please consider that donating junk food is not doing them any service. I suppose people donate junk food because they think it is a nice treat for the poor, but this junk food is unhealthy and causing health issues, even obesity, in people who ...
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