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Charlie Sheen never misses a chance to make the headlines. Last week he announced the the world that he is HIV positive.
Troubled Hollywood star Charlie Sheen revealed Tuesday morning that he is HIV positive.
Just a tid bit about the new Charlie Sheen book about to come out that in his mind will raise $10 million, who knows maybe someone will be crazy as he is.
This is the story of a man named Charlie Sheen, who stars as the highest paid actor on television in a brilliant sitcom called Two and a Half Men. He's fired for his USUAL behaviour and because the creator and network executives chuck a tantrum. Ashton Kutcher is brought in. Show suck...
I lot of crap has been published about Charlie Sheen.But have we all had enough? Are we fed up with the bad boy getting so much attention when what he really done was bite the hands that fed him?
This is my thoughts on Charlie Sheen's mental decline.
This article explores the horoscope of Charlie Sheen and attempts to understand his behavior in that light.
Television's highest paid actor fired by Warner Bros.
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