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The new fad among modern women seems to be collecting Pandora beads. There are many different types and designers of beads out there. These beads are used for making custom jewelry. Pandora beads are among the most popular.
It's in the name. everyone wants someone special to be in their arms.
In Nigeria, there are lots of people who visit witch doctors for help in various aspects of their lives. This poem looks at such an encounter from the eyes of a cynic as regards traditional religion. Enjoy
Finding yourself by finding your way back to a place or a situation that's a fit and that nurtures the spirit.
Why are the city people more aggressive? The forests are good for your health. Do your own research.
True stories of “cures” that could never be explained.
In my many drawers I have hundreds of small objects that I pick up on my walks, or in thrift shops,and antique malls. Anything that looks interesting, is small, and BLINGY can wind up in one of my collages, on one of my gourd pots, or hung around my neck! Here are some of the fun ways...
For this article I will include photos of one of my bracelets and explain how I put it together using found objects, charms, and parts of old costume jewelry.
Birthday Renovations , another year older,a new birthday complete with insults
~singing & writing songs since I was a boy ~ sharing the creative process with my sons ~ watching my daughters dance ~ I am lifted up ~ visited by epiphanies ~ transcendence ~ we are larger than ourselves ~ gifted beyond dreams~
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