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Kevin and Snuifie are trying to catch the livestock thief that arrogantly thought he would just come and steal Kevin's sheep, but the thief keeps eluding them.
This is a poem about a cat in a chase after a little mouse but who wins in the end?
We all dream everyday, but most of us will not give importance of these dreams as these will be forgotten the next day.There are also people who do follow good dreams and try to achieve that in their life by working hard towards the goal which showed in their dreams
Traffic on 70 west is stopped by police between Zumbehl and Harry St. Truman. More than a dozen police cars line the highway and service road with lights flashing. Tazers and guns are out.
A short story on an October morning when my cat Marmaduke hunts in the garden.
Not everyone loves dogs, some are frightened of them. A few strategies to help you cope
"The Chase" is my poetic attempt at building the scene in the immediate aftermath of a burglary. What is going through the burglar's mind as he attempts to escape from the property? Will he get caught or will those stolen items make their way onto Ebay, or into Cash Generator?! Hope...
A cat and mouse story where the mouse survives the cat written in the form of a 100 word Drabble
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