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My laptop is my bestfriend. I am using my laptop to connect with my friends online. I can talk to them in Facebook, in Skype, and in Yahoomessenger. I also can write articles and prove to the world, that I am a writer and it gives me happiness and satisfaction.
Korean words are usually shortened to sound cute especially when chatting. Some examples are ㅂ2 instead of 바이, ㄳ for 감사합니다, and so much more. I'll try to give you some in this article. Enjoy and have fun! ^^
A short article on how shopping has changed since i was a young lad. Some shopping is better now, but not all as i remember some very valuable points.
This article gives information to have a Safe Chatting in online sites
The REALITIES of Online Dating This article reveals the good and bad consequences of engaging in online relationships. Since it is a worldwide popular activity today, it is worth the WATCH.
This article is about chatting in our office time which spoils our work
This article is about chatting with our favorite celebrity using their social site account.
Make new friends, discuss your favorite topics and earn some extra cash in one of the hottest forums on the internet.
This page is about chatting in multiple windows at the same time. We must avoid this kind of multichatting activities
This page is about misusing the chat facility. Lot of persons doing this in modern days.
This article is about facebook messenger which help us to chat easily.
people are very much interested in phone chatting and spend a lot of time to speak with their friends are beloved persons via phone.
Having an interesting chat will give more fun and pleasure to both of the persons whoever involved in it.
Students must concentrate in their studies and avoid getting addicted with chatting activities.
Internet - The most astounding invention of mankind! Its a blessing or a curse or both? I think........ Do let me know what you think about it!
There are many different social sites on the internet. IMVU is a great looking site that is more geared towards adults. You can play music, make rooms, and dress up your avatar anyway you would like. You can meet many people from around the entire world on this social site.
Every village has one, the local gossip who can't wait to stir up trouble in the community....and is always on the look out for a new ear to bend...
Shy people tend to be more loyal friends, work harder at making relationships work, make better team players, and don't dominate conversations. They are not overbearing, overly aggressive, demanding, or outspoken.
Now it is your nude covering the cloths..She was wrecked. certainly, but she was determined to live. because she has right to live, that is the wind singing beyond from bamboo bushes.
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