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A story that touches the mind. Ignorance is not innocence, but sin.
A young man having already a girl companion was known to the other girl he is proposing now..
There is no substitute for a true love.No matter what temptations would be, love remains love and triumphs at the end.Love is love and it gives pleasure to the heart. There is so much to explain and feel when you are in love.
One of the pastimes that I have enjoyed so much is moderating articles here on Wikinut, so when I lost a lot of my sight in June it meant everything changed, For some time I could not use Wikinut, I could not use my PC, but when some of my sight returned it was possible to use the com...
When you find one or more of those five signs, you need to be careful. Keep your eyes on him and don't let him fool you.
Bot is a great temptation. People said it makes you rich in very short time by manipulating system. They say you can make a hundreds and thousands dollars in PTC, CPM, etc. just by using their bot. Well, I myself never try a “Bot”, but many people have been a victim of bot adverti...
A short poem about a cheating spouse or domestic partner. About how much heart ache and devestation it causes and how it makes the innocent party feel.
A swindler tried to have a piece of land transferred to his name without paying a single cent.
Is your partner having an affair? You may or may not know if he is. But you will know when you see the signs of cheating behaviors.
Some greedy folks are always on the look out for a free lift or gift
Most ladies get discouraged when they are cheated on-get to know some of those reasons you man could cheat on you and probably keep your man for good.
Why men tend to cheat more than women-get ahead of him and save your relationship
This page is about the offline cheaters who are cheating innocent people
A poem about the conflicting emotions we go through when we are involved with someone who is adulterous, emotionally and mentally abusing and at times disrespectful.
Leading expert in finances and business advises you on how to make sure you are not tricked out of your money.
Leading business woman advises you on how you can avoid being cheated out of your hard earned money.
This page is about cheating relations. We must keep distance from them.
I once experienced a situation where two individuals fought recklessly because of $20. And what is even more appalling is the sequence of events leading to the fight. Just simple human tolerance and a little exhibition of meekness would have solved the problem. Is this virtue still in...
one the signs of a cheating spouse is a change in physical appearance,because they try to entice or impress the individual they are having an affair with,so they tend to buy new set of cloth,,change hair styles and buy new pefumes.
Skarner build, hybrid. No need to jungle, perfect gank and lane abilities.
Better to know the signs now before it is too late
At times, it is what it is, and nothing is what it seems to be.Thats why in life you should expect the unexpected.
Sometimes people just don’t understand what they have until it is too late. So for those individuals you cannot protect them from pain as much as you try, you must let them go and hope for the best for them. The painting above is to represent the pain from the lover’s eyes and th...
You may think that I am stupid.. But you are totally wrong.. I am sacrificing myself to pleasure you.. So, I give it up to you
Men cheat for many reasons, some even cheat for no reason. Below are the top 10 reasons why men cheat:
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