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This article is an instructional one about how to checkmate an opponent using only the chess piece known as the rook, or castle. This checkmate type is essential for you to learn. Achieving it, bringing it about, will teach you about the strength of the king as a chess piece. It's str...
A poem about the life of a chess pawn. Its struggles and triumphs on the board and its life in a concise poem about it.
Part V in my journey to learn the art of chess sees me learn a couple of basic strategies to keep me in good stead.
Part four of my journey sees me discover that I have underestimated my opponent.
Today I make my move, my first move. Battle-ahoy! It's King's pawn 1.e4!
I am determined to learn about things I don't understand. Chess is one of these things. This article is the first in a series that will follow my journey as it unfolds!
The article gives information about how to use the knight in the game of chess to the best advantage. It gives detail about the best squares and power of the knight over other pieces.
This article gives details about the winners of the United States Chess Championship. It also gives details about the U.S. Open, National Open, and Women's Championship.
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