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"What to write???" Is an article about the author trying to figure-out what to write about, and unknowingly writes about a few things.
A Trade Union is there to assist the management. Don't you agree?
Nothing is sadder than not finishing a beer and cheeseburger at the same time.
This cheesecake is composed of a base with caramelised, caramelized pears and a melting cheese filling and white very fluffy air
Did you know that September 18 is National Cheeseburger Day? I didn't. And boy do I love cheeseburgers. I can smell lunch coming up now - with onion, please.
Three trips to McDonald’s a day might be every little boy's dream. But the reality was a nightmare for Morgan Spurlock whose film Super Size Me documents his one-month existence on fast food and its disastrous consequences. So, if it was so awful, why did he do it? And does it work ...
It’s back to school once again and mothers get up early in the morning and rushing in making their kids’ lunches.
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