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Somebody's attractiveness lies in their DNA. You will only find somebody attractive if their genes and yours are compatible and attract each other. Or so some TV show or magazine article or something told me once...
NOTE: This article is based on my 4 successful and fruitful years of experience about hitting podiums. So, it is your choice whether to believe them and apply them or not.
So I saw a thread yesterday about funny examination experiences and it triggered some fond memories of my time in school. This is about how a student defies odds in passing his examination during his university days...
There are several reasons for tear glands of humans to get activated.But the most involuntary reason is the cutting of an onion which is discussed here.
Explaining how doctors don't know exactly which medication will work for you. They can only guess and keep changing it until the right one works with a person's chemistry.
An inside look at Mixtures in Basic Chemistry, great read for College Students!
A close look at Chemical Reactions with an in depth look at table salt.
How many states of matter do you know? three? four? or five? well, i guess that is somewhat obsolete for now. Find out the other state of matter.
Gold is a precious metal. Gold is used for making jewelry, coins and other art works. Gold is found in the earth’s crust as a stand-alone element or it is found mixed with other metals like silver. Gold is shiny, soft and can easily be molded into different shapes. Read on to know m...
This story is too short to be summarized. Please read and comment whether you liked it.
The major cause of environment pollution is the release to toxic chemicals which are formed as a result of the reactions carried at various levels.
I decided to compile some sex Quotes as my first contribution to this site, as a newbie here, I hope your Old members would enjoy this. I dedicate this article to Funom Makam for bringing me into this community and I hope he excels the way I intend to.
This article will give you lots of definitions to words that you will need to know for AS Chemistry!
Some simple tests for various gases and ions. Trust me, they'll come in handy for chemistry tests and exams. NOTE: I will not be adding more to this page anymore. But i will update the info.
Nick's Chemistry. A window to a whole dynamic world called chemistry. In this blog, you will probably find things that you thought didn't exist. Well, here I shall reveal it.
This poem takes a look at how the chemistry of love shapes our lives, and the feeling that it gives us when we interact or even see that special someone. It explores how irresistible we find that person even when worlds apart.
this one is about two souls that can feel one another without actually being there with one another.
soul mates can find one another if they both take that leap of fate
Most all shampoos contain varying amounts of the same fatty acids. There are many types of shampoo; the plain shampoo, liquid cream shampoo, cream or paste shampoo, non-strip shampoo and liquid dry shampoo.
Chemistry is the science which treats of the composition of substances and of the changes which these substances may undergo. Chemistry is the science that is concerned with the characterization, composition, and transformations of matter.
This page contain all the answers to the questions from the short lesson on how to balance chemical equations
Having trouble balancing chemical equations or do you find it hard? this page will help you to balance chemical equations easily. Everyone is welcome to read! You don't have to be a student, you can be a parent who wants to help their child, go through this page and you can help your ...
Michael Faraday changed the way we think of electricity and its possible applications. This biography looks at the man behind the reputation.
My life path number is 22. Number twenty-two have different meanings in diferent subjects of learning such as 22 in mathematics, physics and chemistry, religion, numerals, sports, music, journalism, literature, fashion, art, film and television, weights and measures, computing, techno...
What is the powerful push that stimulates a frog or even a potato but is nonexistent in a stone?
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