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The Yardstick of Creation! A Compulsive Disorder Which Stretches Throughout Religions and Centuries. Where ignorance saves the lives of NO-ONE!
Like humans, animals lend themselves to aggression but only in matters of self-defense or self-preservation. This natural instinct in the latter is induced and stoked by the former in the arena of spectator sport. - Jamie
The cruelty of man is not only confined to slaughtering and eating the flesh of sentient beings but also extends to gory sport and entertainment. - Jamie SR Cortez
The Yardstick of Creation! A Compulsive Disorder Which Stretches Throughout Religions and Centuries
Life sure has a funny way to keep a balance of sorts.
Getting turkey hens to lay in the nest sounds easy. In fact I never considered it as an important subject during my early years of raising these wonderful creatures. When I finally realized that my hens are laying, each had laid about 8 eggs by then. I was lucky the foxes did not see ...
Here is a sad story of a lot of chickens and turkey on a farm being killed because one has avian flu.
This is a poem about a kitty meeting chickens for the first time.
From the sound of a gurgling wringer washer to the amazing, bountiful garden, a city kid enjoys time with her country grandparents.
A bit of advice when it comes to building your own chicken coop and what to avoid.
A grandmother forgets she can’t walk when her grandchild’s life is in danger.
I present to you, “The Amazing Bone Broth” You just need to Google the words “Bone Broth” to see that nearly 6 million searches are done monthly in connection with this nutritious, ultra-low cost food source.
This is a tongue in cheek piece and with an excerpt from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer' Stone just in time for All Saints....a bait of a puzzle some of this will be for some of you...especially if you take it and enjoy...
How I pass restaurant time..They date mate and state but beyond the gate I get late See this was lovely fun...
a story from my childhood, growing up in the 1950's. Every year we watched chickens on our local smallholding grow from day old chicks to oven ready.
I just purchased three bantam Dorking chickens and want to tell you all about them. Learn more about Dorking chickens.
Anyone who keeps pet chickens can save a bit on feed, and can get rid of some kitchen, and garden, waste, by feeding certain left over people foods to their birds.
It might surprise some people to know that chickens make excellent pets. Certain breeds are very friendly, and hens will lay eggs. If let loose in your yard they will also make a point of eating bugs. Learn more about keeping chickens as pets.
A flat top for a lighter program.ready to is very good food
A short history of the chicken and a delicious chicken and leek recipe
Sweet and sour dishes could be one of the most favorite dishes in the world. We would like to give acknowledgement to the excellent Chinese cooking tradition for the creation of this classic recipe. Many of us have tasted this kind of homemade dish with its sweet and sour base.
A play about a simple egg and how it reduced a father to a blithering fool.
First there is Jet, not a significant name for an alpha male cat, but don't dare be mislead by the toned down kind of name, since when it suits him, he can howl like a banshee! Able to send most challengers scurrying in every which direction. Jet has managed to dodge every reckless ca...
Many people wish to end suffering of animals but do not know where to start. One thing you can do to end the suffering of millions of hens is by selecting eggs that were not created using cruel battery farms.
An article covering the necessity of having your own chicken coop in place to keep your chickens safe.
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