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After over a year here on Wikinut, a review of the numbers tells me that it is time to go. With some sense of regret but with clarity of mind, I bid my fellow Wikinutters a fond farewell.
Have you noticed the change in your Wikinut Inbox and the commenting method on your page? Now, it's very easy to view your messages, just 15 at a time.
Are there really earnings to be made here at Wikinut or are we being taken for a fun but earnings-free ride?
Chief Nut is the Wikinut Author of the day! He has written 79 pages on Wikinut so far. His 79th page was published on 26th Jul 2010. I've been waiting to see new articles by Chief Nut, but I'm disappointed not to hear from him as he has not posted any more pages afterwards.
Is the man behind the curtain the Chief Nut? Who is this man of mystery?
A poem to express both the Yin and the Yang of my experience, to date, with Wikinut.
Wikinut is a place where you can write a simple page as well as a star page as you get to know the techniques of spicing up with some catchy images and special formatting. I have many friends at Wikinut whose articles I love to follow, and this is a way I can follow them from my blo...
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