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Your newborn baby begins to develop his or her own rythms of life and needs regular food and the outside influence of day and night. These are partly a biological necessity, and partly the discipline of a natural existence. As parents you learn to blend your own routine with your baby...
The time that this is due is a balance between the probability of your baby catching the natural infection , and the body’s ability to cope with immunizations.
Adults have to commit. They don't really have a choice. It's part of growing up and being responsible. Commitment can hurt. So, here's the point of my chronicle this morning ... grab yourself a cup of coffee and join me ...
Many parents will tell us that their children are just lazy, they do not want to study, they are interested in things other than school, they are just plain naughty or are not bright enough. But is this true?
In childhood, everyone had fantasy about several areas of knowledge. Can you recall them? This nicely rhymed poem is a nostalgic recall of that silly thoughts ....just have a look.......
Understanding their feelings and identifying their imperatives enable the teacher to address their deepest needs. Presumably, touches the students' inner self especially at the crucial stage of the child’s life. This, I’m referring to, is the early childhood education which I beli...
My son was only 3-years-old when his great grandmother died. At the time, he was living with his great grandparents. My grandmother, the lady in question was also the woman who raised me.
This story happened a few years ago, yet it still enrages Montrealers to think that children are treated this way in our schools.
Nobody can give us a smile every day, no matter how hard they try, if I can be very careless in to hope for eternal light every day is too hard to dream about beautiful moments when we can not have.
We don't need to push children or cram information into their heads. We just need to ensure they have the opportunities to explore knowledge for themselves. We can expose them to a rich environment and then allow them to explore it freely. By playing, a child can take in what she is r...
Tips for becoming an advocate for your child... speaking up for your child.
There was a time when my parents took me to church on slow days, until Dad's forty-nine Chevy broke down, we only lived a block away. By now all the siblings had left home except old Green Eyes who I was secretly at war with. Of course, her being 17 and so much bigger than I at 7, all...
I was born at 4 A.M. on January 28th, in the L D S Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was an only child with 12 brothers and sisters, all of whom were half brothers and sisters who I had never met at the time.
Our loving son! Some poet showed his beautiful sons face as a baby face So my contribution for the beautiful one
It was a cloudy day. At noon I was walking alone, suddenly I heard fearful shouts of some children. I rushed to the source of the sound. It was the bank of a nearby pond. Four children were shouting loudly standing there
Its more about a child's curiosity and Motherhood ...Face the Truth
While it is painful to see any child suffer, we can’t deny the fact that depression is an illness that can also strike children.
This is probably a great lesson for parents in caring for their children. Not care which one they think is right
Car seat safety is crucial for protecting your child during travel.
The more you nurse, Your milk gives your baby Children who are not breastfed Pediatricians, obstetricians,
An argumentative essay that aims to prove the importance of shared parental leave. Involved fatherhood is the road to equality at home as well as in the labor market, and the benefits of fathers, mothers, and Children alike are enormous wherever a nurturing father is present.
Tales of how lying to kids and really screw them up
Making sure your baby gets the best start is very important, and you can never start to soon. Introducing fresh fruits and vegetables is the perfect way to obtain optional nutrition and maintain good health. This also teaches children the benefits of a healthy diet, something they can...
There is a right way and a wrong way (or rather a short-term effective way and a long-term effective way) to quiet loud children. This article will explain why yelling is never going to yield the results you want.
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