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We continue the queen of England series with Queen Victoria.
Child labor is a major challenge of our time, it is a complex issue with no simple solutions. Massive in scale corrosive to societies and fatal in the consequences, it is cruel to children and insulting to human dignity.( Haggai and Agbor 2001).
"When I was 12 they gave me my first knife. Week after week I was cutting myself. Every week I had a new scar. My hands have a lot of stories." - 17 year old boy who began working in the fields of Michigan at 11.
A poem on miseries of a child laborer and a plea to abolish this social evil.
This is the true story of my husband's work experience that started when he was just 9 years old.
What do some people have against children? They’re just innocent beings who have one main purpose: To successfully pass through this test of living through Earth. But kidnappers and rivals have something else in mind. Their greed blinds them from seeing just about how much of chaos ...
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