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The law regarding clean and unclean animals, childbirth and leprosy.
God's law concerning animals that should and should not be eaten by his people. Rituals to be followed by women after childbirth and the law concerning leprosy.
Jacob is reunited with his father Isaac,who is now 180 years old and dies shortly after their reunion. Esau and Jacob bury their father but each must than go his own way as they both have too much cattle to remain together.
Dystocia (difficult labor and could not continue) can be caused by inadequate power mother, the fetus is too large, or abnormalities in maternal birth canal (eg too narrow pelvis).
It was a cloudy day. At noon I was walking alone, suddenly I heard fearful shouts of some children. I rushed to the source of the sound. It was the bank of a nearby pond. Four children were shouting loudly standing there
I'm just voicing out for those children who lost their life before they can even start on it. The loss of seeing how wonderful life could be.
What difference does it make to have a third child? My experiences on becoming a mother for the third time - 1st section and 3rd boy!! All photographs my own, proud mother and unashamed of this :)
A three year old girl climbs to the roof of a two story house to be with her grandfather.
Birth returns as death for birth and death are one.
Tool that can potentially help women during childbirth difficult, invented by a mechanic in Argentina by using tricks eject the cork from the bottle.
As my wife's delivery day approaches I change jobs. All is great at first . . .
In today's gripping installment our first son, Micah, is born extremely ill and is whisked off to the neonatal unit at the University of Michigan. Find out what happens to him!
Amid the turmoil of teaching in the State Prison my wife and I conceive our first child. What have we gotten ourselves into?
Kiss feeding is an old practice of feeding our child. Is it really health wise or a health risk for our children?
Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry gives birth to her second child.
Unpardonablaise This work has been inspired by a new wonder poet out here who has joined recently?
Children are a gift of God.We must take care to give birth at the right age and then love them nurse them help them step forward alone in this forest of darnkess
Child is God's gift to selected few Hope all men knew Some countries want population and immigrants contribution...
Lamaze Breathing Techniques. Focused breathing may seemed to be hard in these situations especially if you have strong contractions while in labor but, it will help you in coping up with the pain you feel. Lamaze breathing techniques will teach you focused breathing.
Relaxation Techniques for Childbirth. While in labor or in delivery, it is very important that you should always be relaxed and focused. Some expectant mothers have always a hard time on how to be relaxed and focused in these situations.
Have you heard of vaginoplasty? Which is also known as vaginal rejuvenation. Decades ago, vaginoplasty has been used to refer to an aggressive medical procedure known as Sexual Reassignment this definition has however be been droped.
Having a healthy pregnancy is one of the most important things that there is for a woman. You want to have a nice cute baby and not a defective baby but you might have one if you ignore prenatal care.
My poem " [link=]Kid, stand on your own [/link] " was published on 06-Mar-2011. Now, I'm surprised to see that this poem has been receiving many views per day recently.
A little boy dies leaving his cousin with a memory that would last a lifetime.
To become a mom or not become a mom...that is the question. Women today have many choices but none are made easily.
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