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Once upon a time there were fields where children laughed and cried and played their games. As time rolled on the industrial revolution took away the the fields and woods near. then small towns and villages. As children grew old and were replaced by other children a new culture emerge...
A Lancashire Heeler dog saved a sinking baby. Can you believe it? It's happened in a small village in Bangladesh. We know that in the western world, dog is a great friend for most of the people specially in the old age. They use to keep the dogs from different species. However this s...
'Kitty, please may I go inside and watch my Andy Pandy dvd?'
The life of a child may be in danger at any time, although we do not know these things, because we can always leave or do not have time, when you see something that is wrong must act.
I thought it might be fun to post this old poem I wrote for my Grandson years ago...It made him smile.
Children's writer and illustrator Norman Bridwell had died.
There’s a wooden trolley with wheels from an old pram, string on the front axle to steer. My trusty blue spud gun sits next a potato with loads of holes in it, so I steal another one. And a brass oil can used on my bike chain and wheels, had a little pump on the top of it.
How a dream taught me to teach a Vietnamese man taught a man to speak English and just in the nick of time.
It was a cloudy day. At noon I was walking alone, suddenly I heard fearful shouts of some children. I rushed to the source of the sound. It was the bank of a nearby pond. Four children were shouting loudly standing there
For Jessie Bells, Kales the Magnificent And Jteetle whom I love to moon and back.
I've written this in the aftermath of my participation in a recent college course, which related in part to the emotional well being of children Research into the emotional difficulties young children experience in the midst and in the aftermath of traumatic life changing events promp...
Two astronauts get involved in a race to the end of the universe to prove who has the fastest rocket ship once and for all! On their way our heroes encounter all sorts of strange creatures and end up in the last place they ever imagined! This is a short story I created presented here ...
This is a synopsis of my poetry book for children. It includes some of the first poetry I wrote. I decided to put these poems in a collection and self publish them.
We all know the story of the book is so very important to the growth of a child , but buying the right for your child can be a little task. And buy these books , there should always take care of their parents prefer a book, a lot of things according to their child's age.
This is a story/rhyme i did with my mother to help with her speech therapy after her stroke. This and other stories we did together really helped my mother with her recovery process. It also helped our spirits in this awful time and brought us closer together. I self published this st...
The Habit of Reading is the best gift a child can get. Books bring joy to lives and enlighten the minds. “I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” ― Jorge Luis Borges
My take on Alice and Wonderland and why I've always loved this book
Kiss feeding is an old practice of feeding our child. Is it really health wise or a health risk for our children?
You have a little girl at home? You are wondering if there are some interesting ways to amuse her easily without spending money? Well……we are exactly here to offer some great tips to let your little girl enjoy a lot of fun for free!
You feel it’s not an easy job to take good care of your young kids? It takes you a lot of time and energy? Sometimes you even don’t know what can exactly make them happy? Well……Relax! We are right here to give some useful but also simple tips to help you enjoy great time with ...
Reality check. Be true to yourself. Free yourself from hatred and shyness. Let a thousand flower bloom.
A poem about seeing throught the eyes of a child. About how they see things without bias and negativity.
Article about the importance of good process for the first steps of the small need and choice of quality footwear during this learning process.
A new concept in the 1930's was to build houses a few miles outside London this became known as Metroland.
This is a short rhyming story about a little boy that couldn't share his toys. I have only just started writing children's stories and would really appreciate any comments. Thank you
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