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Once upon a time there were fields where children laughed and cried and played their games. As time rolled on the industrial revolution took away the the fields and woods near. then small towns and villages. As children grew old and were replaced by other children a new culture emerge...
The facts and reasons may surprise you to know what living in poverty is really like when you’re a child,
This story happened a few years ago, yet it still enrages Montrealers to think that children are treated this way in our schools.
It is when I write about life, real life, the life I knew that I find my passion and paint it with the colors I remember.
The condition of children made to beg on India's streets and gangs that operate on these children
Today's toys are exact replicas of adults dangerous machines which cause exactly the same tragic fatality amongst children.
A met a very good man about a year or so ago. He used to work for the CIA, but now he works for the children. He started a group called the underground Railroad rescuing children that have sold into slavery, he has saved hundreds, he needs our help.
We don't need to push children or cram information into their heads. We just need to ensure they have the opportunities to explore knowledge for themselves. We can expose them to a rich environment and then allow them to explore it freely. By playing, a child can take in what she is r...
Tips for becoming an advocate for your child... speaking up for your child.
Our loving son! Some poet showed his beautiful sons face as a baby face So my contribution for the beautiful one
It was a cloudy day. At noon I was walking alone, suddenly I heard fearful shouts of some children. I rushed to the source of the sound. It was the bank of a nearby pond. Four children were shouting loudly standing there
When you see abuse what do you do? do you stop it? or walk away
Syria is one of the most dangerous places for children. During the three years of war has over 10 000 children have been killed, and one million reached still not help. A whole generation is marked for life, according to a new report from UNICEF.
Kiss feeding is an old practice of feeding our child. Is it really health wise or a health risk for our children?
Modern day slavery is alive and flourishing all through-out the world.
Childish me As we age we become senile forget egoistic and bombastic so be kit hence this comparison
Unpardonablaise This work has been inspired by a new wonder poet out here who has joined recently?
Child is God's gift to selected few Hope all men knew Some countries want population and immigrants contribution...
A shattered dream in life. A tattered family torn apart. Who is in control of the heart?
Media Photographers were directly responsible for the death of Princess Diana. We, the people did not do. Now they are after children. Celebrity's children. We must get a law passed to stop their aggressive behavior toward celebrities and their children otherwise they will wind up kil...
Reality check. Be true to yourself. Free yourself from hatred and shyness. Let a thousand flower bloom.
This article demonstrates the inhumanity of immature adults beating children to correct misbehavior. Beating children is wrong despite what holy books have to say.
During National Missing Children's Day, 2013, many recall of the changes that have occurred during the past thirty years after a missing child from thirty years ago received national attention. Thirty years ago when a child disappeared, was kidnapped or abducted, many regulations wer...
In acknowledging National Missing Children's Day, it's a sad time to reflect on. Remembering those innocent lives snatched away by tragedy seems more than a sane individual could bear. Seems scarey, cruel,senseless and rather cruel but it continues by the day, hour, minute, second int...
As major decisions are made about students in classrooms all over the United States, has anyone stopped to ask the children what do they think about taking medications? Did anyone stop to ask the children if they think medications could help them? Did anyone stop to ask the child...
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