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Animals like pet dogs and humans, like us, who love the cold enjoy good health and no pollution so humans don't die want Euthanasia to help ...Dogs live longer too how I wish I was one too....
this is a poem about the joys of loving someone and being with him or her
A man is haunted by an unwanted psychic gift which has never been wrong.
Nature poetry, seasonal poetry, winter poetry. Poetry describing the winter season.
After a hard day's work, do yourself a little favour and listen to some smooth jazz.
It comes at night... A short short submitted as part of Uni studies.
Best enjoyed in cool environment. Feel the chills and coziness of winters. Experience the landscape of mountains range. Hope you like it.
The start of an early spring begins to see nature change into summer as the world turns.
This poem is one that embraces the cold of the winter to touch the warmth buried there. This poetry book of, "Winter's Chill" was one of my husband's favorite books, that I have written for poetry. My intent was to show us a deeper side of the cold with a flair for the dramatic that t...
Thank you for reading this poetry belonging to the cold places of the heart and world. They can ring with a deep chill that wakes up the spirit and tunes us into our surroundings. I find when I walk in the winter, the wind slaps me awake, so I share that with you here. This is from my...
A Walk in the Meadow – a poem. Some private thoughts of an individual on his travels while walking through a meadow in Wales.
Homely tips for dry skin the available kitchen items, by following these tips you can save your skin in winter
An article on summer fashion from hats to sandals. The article also described do's and don't in order to look great during summer time.
This is a starting point which later leads to mental abnormality if left untreated for long. A series of psychological conditions arise out of this common root of the problem and the root of the problem is commonly termed as ASD, autism spectrum disorder. This can start in the early c...
This dish is best prepared in an earthen pot and the quantities here are for a small to medium sized one. However the quantities can be doubled, using a larger pot, if serving more than 4 people. If you don't have an earthen pot, any casserole dish which is oven proof will be fine too...
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