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You can eat a sandwich or you can look at it. On Wikinut, it's the placement of articles, sometimes, that create unintended sandwiches!
wait, wait, wait, wait... I'm pacing the floor, looking at the clock, the calendar, sighing. I have to be patient. I miss my car but I don't want him to come out half done.
After meeting Mang Dante, I ended up becoming a member of Gruppo Sampaloc and have great memories even though it's only been a couple of months with them.
Ever since June, Cop (who was named Beetle Boy Blue then) has had many changes. I removed the aircon blower which was impeding my driving. removed the rear seats. installed one piece windows. installed empi door handles and window crank.
May 2010, 5 months after getting a Mitsubishi Celeste and having minor modifications to it's engine done (Installed turbo and minor body repair), as I was driving along E Rodriguez (after visiting my girl), A Volkswagen beetle crept up behind me and proceeded to shame me with it's spe...
In 2003, my life was a whirlwind. My band, AcidRadio, began touring for Pasiklaban so we were going places and drinking copious amounts of beer. towards the end of 2003 it got so bad that my hands were shaking if I wasn't able to drink anything alcoholic for 6 hours. Imagine waking ...
When my Dad got his first bike, things changed. He became so enthusiastic about it that he ended up going on long trips with his newfound friends, the Apache group. They were local businessmen who had big bikes. My dad eventually got over my mom's death and he became happier. he even...
College is important but there are things you learn more in the outside world. Drugs are for losers. I lost a volkswagen because of drugs. Sheesh!
Mad Max started out as a clean, well maintained street machine with a 1200 engine. My friends and I would pile into that car (we were 12 in the gang) and drive around town in it. He was what you'd call a runt. Since my uncle had 3 cars, he didn't use Mad Max as much as his other cars ...
My first beetle was a vomit green early beetle and I think it used to be 1300. I bought it from my dad at the age of 15 for Php5,000.00. I was unlucky enough to be a male child and since my dad does not believe in giving things for free, I had to buy it.
I'd always envisioned myself in an island with a pen and paper in hand. Forehead furrowed, busily writing my next masterpiece. Alas, real life took over and writing gave way to more practical jobs, although I tried to hold on to the dream of becoming a writer.
Whenever I go to a coffeeshop I always dread talking to the baristas. It's because they always get my name wrong.
My version on how to create the simple chip. Maybe not the easiest chip, but the best.
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