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Who does not like chocolate. It was a sweet and bitter for a fun option to unwind. Warm chocolate was much in demand by everyone. Not only tastes good, it turns out chocolate also contains antioxidants that are good for health. Dark chocolate is a great choice because it is good for h...
It's about chocolate candy and how good they are. If you like or love chocolate good.
A midnight black bittersweet doughnut with a dash of cinnamon that will make you crave for more.
this is a wonderful marvellous laugh at all of us..but through a skein of truth doth run...takes all sorts to make a world and takes much to realize it....enjoy....
The Start of another set of adventures for Dolly and David Those two lovable Ducks.
Want sweetness? Indulge yourself with this delicious cake, creamy, delicious and super easy to make.
It consists of a Bavarian frosted background without firing a Bavarian delicately flavored vanilla, and finally a dark chocolate . All prepared in record time
Every year we hear about weight watching at Christmas. There is a piece that you are supposed to follow, then after that comes my Christmas expectations.
I was Reading about Maya Calender and eating a chocolate when i wrote this piece
An easy to do , no-bake, no-cook cake made of graham crackers.
A party cake that can be run up on the spot and frosted appropriately. Serve also with white or chocolate frosting as a standard Devil’s Food cake throughout the year.
A lady with a simple dream that would go on to take over the world
I love chocolate cake and prefer to make my own rather than purchase one from the store. Here's how to make a really simple one.
My mom and I had a wonderful, laughter filled lunch then went to praise at the World Prayer Center. A few short hours later she walked into heaven and the arms of her savior.
My wife Daleen has been refining and baking this exact cake for many years. It has been a hot favorite among friends and family everywhere. She has agreed to now share it with the readers of Tranquilpen worldwide. May it always foster and generate friendship and love where ever it is ...
Chocolates can make you go fanatic. There are people who are totally crazy about chocolate. The essence of chocolate is aphrodisiac, and it brings a lot of sensuousness apart from its wide variety of recipes.
What an uplifting and rewarding experience, seeing my beautiful grand daughter graduate from High School to College. May I share it with you?
A home baked fresh from oven birthday cake just for me on my birthday.
A yummy chocolate orange version of the egg-free chocolate mug cake.
Here's a mouth-watering dessert that is so rich, it doesn't need frosting. The shredded zucchini makes it especially moist. With a scoop of vanilla ice cream, this cake makes an unbeatable finale for any occasion!
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