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Choked .At times a poet becomes so emotional ...neither can he speak nor commit ...One such brief moment I faced today..Hence this small under 500 words S T R E T C H E D
It is common knowledge that a healthy diet combined with exercise are important for a better quality of life attitudes. Besides these, research indicates that you can adopt other simpler ways to further promote your health
A dark poem about love, losing love and aftermath.Read it to feel your dark side
Another Dark and gothic poem featuring love in somewhat different way.
Eating bones may cause problems in dogs of all sizes such as; constipation, esophageal choke, intestinal obstruction, bacterial infection, and broken teeth.
Thought + emotion = poem. Maybe later I'll regret having written this. Who knows what the future will hold. All I know is that anger is what I feel, right now. Thanks go to Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson and Three Days Grace, for unknowingly lending me their lyrics for contortion.
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