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We left off at Chapter 1 part 1. Carissa lost her father and her mother is an invalid who had a stroke. The little girl is being raised by her eldest sister Katie-Ann. What a tragic beginning for one so young.
Carissa lost her father and her mother is an invalid who had a stroke, the little girl is being raised by her eldest sister Katie-Ann.
Jacob goes to live with his uncle Laban and falls in love with his cousin Rachel, his uncle's youngest daughter.
Felipe and Anthony enjoy the day together as they do chores at both house. Later they listen to some older men tell stories and still later spend a second night together.
We never got such a thing as weekly pay when were at school, but this taught us that without money we couldn't do anything and we used our imagination.
Felipe's early childhood and his interest in writing, Delilah is concerned about her child's shyness.
The ghosts of Joseph and Mary will forever be bound to their mansion looks much like it did back when the they resided there during the 1870's. Today the mansion is a restaurant, but the ghost's refuse to leave, and instead mingle with the patrons.
A Christmas poem about the numerous things a person should remember during the Christmas season.
How to create a comprehensive household cleaning routine in 7 steps.
What really happens to those broken and non-functioning household items your significant other has taken away to "repair?"
What really goes on in The Barn? An inside peek into a rural man cave...
I'm not June Cleaver and I'm not Bree Van De Camp. I am not a Stepford Wife. But I do believe my home is less stressful because there is small stuff I don't sweat. Clean towels are one of those things. Read on to learn more...
This poem is about what you do everyday. Days are important in our life.So we'll know what we did on each day.
How many chores do you have getting in your way? Whether it is one or hundreds I am sure that we can all agree it is too many. Today is is essential to get moving on completing one of them.
Shopping always leave us with a lot of change accumulated at the end of the day! Can you suggest any ways to get rid of this change?
What are the pros and cons in the life of a working mom? Read on to learn more.
Unless every individual understands the importance of balance in nature, the chance of revolutionary change is very bleak. According to me, its high time females got rid of this mental, physical and social slavery.
A few tips on teaching your children the all important lesson about money and how to manage it.
Kids come up with some pretty imaginative and often funny excuses for not doing their homework. Here are my favorites.
The painful truth is; most of us are not active enough to gain any health benefits. What that means is if you are not physically active or not doing enough; you could be putting yourself at risk for heart disease, stroke, obesity, type II diabetes, depression and colon cancer to nam...
No doubt about it, Cleaning the kitchen is a chore that we want to finish as soon as possible. The following tips will help you finish cleaning the kitchen and let you get on to more enjoyable possibilities.
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