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Almost everyone brings out their good side at Christmas, opening the door for others, smiling saying hello, being helpful, but for many in our society as soon as the presents have passed, the turkey has been eaten, and the crackers cracked, there is no further time for the niceties of...
"We're gonna go listen to a speech by a guy on 'Is God still relevant in today's scientific world'; you wanna come along?", says Mother to me. I don't care much for religious blah blahing, but then I think it might be a fun activity to go out for, so I say sure.
I can hear them coming in the hallway. Whispering, they are wondering if they will still find me here in Tower Mansion, as I am known to be out of bed very early sometimes and sometimes not so.
Ah, religion... controversial as hell. No pun intended. Now that the world is properly confused about these matters, should we still be spreading religion? These days I don't know what direction religion should go, if any direction. It seems it's tearing people apart, polarizing t...
Project Blue Beam is a duplicate with some alterations copied in design from the ships. As the original HAARP was used for the good of the people, the poor copy was utilized for wickedness and population control. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
Paradise is a "normal" world. It is the cultivation of the species which regulates and proves whether or not it exists as a world of paradise. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
In the tonnage of which method is correct in our applying "mercy" to the apparent "food chain," is this a menu which a Christed One would re-commend? The "fish diet" is now on the table. Would each one please attend? - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
Because of our faith and love for Him ~ Christ has brought us into this place of undeserved privilege where we now stand ~ and we are able to confidently and joyfully look forward to the future.
Excerpt from The Universes of God 3: The Chronicles of the Antichrist
Three simple words can change you life forever. Forgiveness of sins is just a few words away. Asking Jesus to forgive your sins is so simple. Do it.
Overcoming life's difficulties, Overcoming temptation, Living for Christ.
The Holy Spirit is one of the least understood persons of the Trinity, yet His role is necessary in the lives of Jesus' followers.
sometimes people do not realize that doing negativity unto others as the one who does so often to me here, she will be nailed sooner or a all will for they dig their own grave and jump into it without being pushed....
so often we see through a glass darkly...mirrored images that come and go fleet as birds in a great ending to 2014 to write as i have below...enjoy! and you who so often vicious be...know that it is recorded in Spirit and you will eat such karma soon...
Getting on a bit now and the dear old wife passed on a few years back. It's Christmas Day and the sleet is turning to snow. It's funny that, I can make believe it's the bad weather stopping family and people coming round to wish me a happy Christmas. But I've got my memories and some ...
Providence still sends the moon and stars on the just and unjust. The world has enough for us all. From many years past and up to the present Christmas time has held happiness and misery to rich and the poor. This prose focuses on the past, but it could easily be the present. You deci...
The way to bring Christ into Christmas is to bring him first into our hearts. Here are a couple of poems written about the real message of Christmas. The last section here is a personal message from me about Christmas. I share a time when I closed myself off to the magic of this time...
When shall Christ return looking at the scriptures in the Holy Bible King James Version.
A poem on the fight for men's souls, battle rages and the darkness consumes but the son shall rise.
A poem on Christmas my favorite day of the year with all kinds of holiday cheers.
Ever wonder why bad things happen to Christians? Well, Christians aren't immune to bad things happening to them. So find out how to be an overcomer kind of Christian.
A detail of some good reasons why every Christian should study theology.
The Holy Bible has been a source of inspiration for me for many years of my adult life. When I first started to really read the bible, I understood that this was the book for me.
Thoughts on giving and how it can benefit both the giver and the recipient.
So my friends...time for me to take a different way to go and I will. This about Shakespeare and his awesome writings and how I can emulate. However if this is not up to scratch it will be down the line..for I yet have to put his wisdoms into verse..
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