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These essays are commentaries on various sections of Genesis, the first book of the Bible.
This page will include various essays on miscellaneous topics from the Bible.
Overcoming life's difficulties, Overcoming temptation, Living for Christ.
Providence still sends the moon and stars on the just and unjust. The world has enough for us all. From many years past and up to the present Christmas time has held happiness and misery to rich and the poor. This prose focuses on the past, but it could easily be the present. You deci...
Ever wonder why bad things happen to Christians? Well, Christians aren't immune to bad things happening to them. So find out how to be an overcomer kind of Christian.
A detail of some good reasons why every Christian should study theology.
This poem is about how there is violence in the world, and how even though there is violence and bad people out there in the world, there is good in the world to, with good people, and this poem is about how Jesus wants the people of the world to achieve great things.
Heaven is for those who have been forgiven of their sins. But what happens when we keep sinning? Simple! We keep asking forgiveness.
The question is if you are going to worry ~ why spend time praying? If you're going to pray ~ in faith ~ about your situation ~ there is absolutely no reason to worry!
Though we may not like to deal with them, we find that trials and tribulation help to prove our faith and bring out endurance, steadfastness, and patience.
It is clear from Scripture that our Creator wants His children to develop patience and kindness out of the LOVE, JOY, AND PEACE that He deposits in those who receive His Son.
I believe with all my heart this is the future of awakening our fellow brothers and sisters to the joy of Christ. Our old methods are simply no longer working and everyday numbers in churches of all denominations are failing.
, We are dead and only the blood of Jesus can save us but we need to accept Jesus us our personal Savior. Eternal life with God is like, we are being offered with food on the table. It is free for us. Its laid there but if we cannot come and get some to eat, that food is not for us. S...
This page is in response to an attack on my Lord and Savior from a man who tried to take one passage of scripture and twist it to mean what he wanted it to mean. This is my answer and hopefully, way of sitting the record straight for those readers he may have confused.
What proverbs say about beauty and perfection for all the women who struggles.
I often find myself dreaming of accomplishing amazing feats and wonders, and part of me wonders whether or not that is a good thing. These are my thoughts.
As a Christian my faith is very important to me, but I often find it difficult to follow God when I see so much pain in this world. I have a question for God.
This is an elegy to a friend that, although he is alive, he has had his life ruined by an abusive and destructive family.
This is a song of myself poem (formatted off of Walt Whitman's Songs of Myself).
This is a poem about the centurion who crucified Christ.
In this page I explore the difference between true Christianity and religious tradition handed down to us from our parents and/or ancestors.
A very short story about gratitude and Squirrels which are cute
The glorification of Jesus Christ after his death on the cross
This is what the devil thinks about God - from the unfinished sequel to The Universe of God: The Chronicles of the Angels
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