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Of all the religious sects Christianity seems to have the lowest esteem in the world. This article tells what it will come to if Christians don't change their voting habits.
It is no secret - the world hates the name of Jesus but what does the Bible say about the name of Jesus? For your own good read this article.
It is one thing for voters to vote and quite another to get results. This article reveals what voters are not getting.
I think most all of us would agree that America is becoming something other than what we want or expect. What is causing this change? This article reveals one major problem that must be changed.
I fear Christians have fallen into a "voting" trap set by the secular governing system. The question "Should Christians Vote?" will be thoroughly discussed in the forthcoming articles.
Should Christians vote in political elections? This is becoming a highly charged issue in Christiandom and politics. In this and forthcoming articles the subject of Christian voting will be discussed in the light of Bible Christianity.
Can it be denied that America is experiencing a steep spiritual decline. Who is to blame? This article declares that whatever the blame Christians share in that blame.
Political correctness is now attacking patriotism. Should Christians be patriotic and defend patriotism? This article discusses these issues.
The character and morality of America continues on a down hill slide. Why is that? How do Christians share the blame? This article answers those questions.
The ineffectiveness of our government and the general disorder of our society is largely due to Christians. This article in a few words explains why.
Like all citizens Christians are legally and righteously obligated to pay taxes. BUT Christians are NOT subjects of the government (Caesar) like the unbelieving tax payers are. This article explains the difference.
The issue of Christian voting is becoming a serious item of debate and division among Christians. In PART 1 we addressed the patriotic aspect of voting. In this PART 2 we will discuss the Christian aspect of political voting.
There is a strong prevailing paradigm that every eligible voter should vote in elections. Is that so? Now we see a growing inquisition as to whether Christians should vote in national elections. Should they? This 2-PART article will offer some insight to the voting issue.
Many Christians have been duped into wrong thinking about Christians voting. This article begins a series of discussions on the issue of Christians voting.
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