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God encouraged Jesus as He was walking up the hill. God told Jesus that He could make it and that God was walking right beside Him as He walked each step closer.
These essays are commentaries on various sections of Genesis, the first book of the Bible.
This page will include various essays on miscellaneous topics from the Bible.
Overcoming life's difficulties, Overcoming temptation, Living for Christ.
Getting on a bit now and the dear old wife passed on a few years back. It's Christmas Day and the sleet is turning to snow. It's funny that, I can make believe it's the bad weather stopping family and people coming round to wish me a happy Christmas. But I've got my memories and some ...
Providence still sends the moon and stars on the just and unjust. The world has enough for us all. From many years past and up to the present Christmas time has held happiness and misery to rich and the poor. This prose focuses on the past, but it could easily be the present. You deci...
Ever wonder why bad things happen to Christians? Well, Christians aren't immune to bad things happening to them. So find out how to be an overcomer kind of Christian.
It's a great day to be a Christian. We can rejoice that the end is in sight. Living a joyous Christian life is ours for the taking.
A detail of some good reasons why every Christian should study theology.
This poem is about how there is violence in the world, and how even though there is violence and bad people out there in the world, there is good in the world to, with good people, and this poem is about how Jesus wants the people of the world to achieve great things.
Heaven is for those who have been forgiven of their sins. But what happens when we keep sinning? Simple! We keep asking forgiveness.
A true believer's take on the Christmas Holiday celebrated all around the world.
I believe with all my heart this is the future of awakening our fellow brothers and sisters to the joy of Christ. Our old methods are simply no longer working and everyday numbers in churches of all denominations are failing.
Reflections on the meaning of shepherd, pastor, pastoral, pan ....
, We are dead and only the blood of Jesus can save us but we need to accept Jesus us our personal Savior. Eternal life with God is like, we are being offered with food on the table. It is free for us. Its laid there but if we cannot come and get some to eat, that food is not for us. S...
As a Christian my faith is very important to me, but I often find it difficult to follow God when I see so much pain in this world. I have a question for God.
This is an elegy to a friend that, although he is alive, he has had his life ruined by an abusive and destructive family.
A Christian poem about the love and care that Christ puts into his creation and his promise of eternal life.
This is a poem about the centurion who crucified Christ.
This is a poem I wrote which is getting good reviews on another site. I thought I'd give it a try here as well.
Christian poem about being reborn and having a renewing mind.
This article focus on the biblical way of being reconciled to God (All have sinned you know and need that reconciliation) Romans 3:23
It is written; every man is responsible for his own actions. No man can be held responsible for a crime or sin committed by another. No bearer of burdens can bear the burden of another. So, whoever sins, sins against his own soul. If we were not there, why should we inherit a curse an...
This article explores the possibility that the bible belt is in tornado alley for a reason and, perhaps, Joplin, Missouri got raptured.
God does not entrust His work to the worldly wise; for they are too proud to learn. He chooses those who, feeling their deficiency, seek to be guided by unerring wisdom.
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