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A thoughtful look at scripture will reveal the Holy Spirit manifested Himself in four different ways in the early church.
I remember Billy Joel's song "We Didn't Start The Fire". It mentioned popular culture in the twentieth century like a laundry list, a really bad laundry list. I hope I can do a better job in this article to present an alternative way of looking at life. I think you already are startin...
Paganism is the belief in a religion that is unique to an individual and lacks a relationship to the common existing faiths . However, Christianity refers to worshiping through Jesus, who is regarded to as the Son of the Sovereign God.
Various considerations in regard to the credibility of the New Testament gospels.
God encouraged Jesus as He was walking up the hill. God told Jesus that He could make it and that God was walking right beside Him as He walked each step closer.
Christians we believe in the whole bible rightly divided, the new testament becomes our rule of faith, practice government, and discipline. God tells Adam and Eve, that they can eat of every single tree that is in the garden except for one, The tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
An angry monk, a corrupt papacy, a revolt, some people being thrown out of a window, the Thirty Years War, reforms in society and the formation of different denominations.
God is so awesome in creating each person differently. I don’t believe there is a carbon copy of me anywhere on this earth. I am a unique individual with many fastest to my own life. One thing is for sure, I am hard pressed right now.
An explanation of Generational Curses with Scripture.
The only way to see the father and have eternal life is through Jesus The Christ.
There are too many hate-mongers in the world today and this isn't simply a case of Donald Trump's desire to register all Islamic people in the USA. It seems that part of a western agenda is the need to create turmoil across the world, create hatred focused against a billion people wor...
Much of what could be called "American Christianity" has over the past couple of generations morphed into something that can only be called ugly.
Who knew cakery can be used for teaching religiousity!
Have you noticed how some things in the Bible might be too sadistic to blurt out to children? Me too...
This book review is about the life of an extraordinary man. Sadhu Sundar Singh put on his yellow robe of humility as a sign of his self-giving of his life to Jesus. He wore this colour for the rest of his short life. "It is easy to die for Christ", he said once, "but it is living fo...
Ah, religion... controversial as hell. No pun intended. Now that the world is properly confused about these matters, should we still be spreading religion? These days I don't know what direction religion should go, if any direction. It seems it's tearing people apart, polarizing t...
This is a commentary about the age old tradition of Christmas celebration. The celebration is typical of pagan practices injected into Christian faith to make it palatable to the taste of unbelievers for easy conversion. An appeal for truth to surface.
There is nothing more important to Christian animal lovers than to know that their animals will meet them in heaven when their time here on earth is over. We need the comfort of knowing that our loyal friends will be there for us.
The letter Z, the last letter of the alphabet stands in its glory with various words like zebra, and zenith. But the word I have chosen to explain today is Zoroastrianism. Yes I know it is quite a mouthful.
Our world is overrun with false religions all attempting to bring their followers peace and hope. There is only true one source of peace and hope which is revealed in this article.
The long time etiquette says no flag should fly above the American flag. This article challenges that custom with a spiritual argument.
I believe we Christians often have a mistaken idea about what evangelism entails. It does not have to be difficult, drudgery, or scary.
SCOTUS has ruled that gay marriage is constitutional therefore good and right for Americans. What is your thought on that? This article lays out what true Christians might do to show opposition.
Charles (Chuck) Colson is a name well known to most people who lived during the 1970's. Colson fell from honor to scandal, which landed him in prison. During this process, his life was changed in another way, which would continue to impact many people even after his death.
Interfaith Relationships - What is important in making them successful
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