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Where we left off The family had finished their Christmas dinner and setting up Carissa's new monopoly game. The door bell rang and it was Mr. Martin all the way from Sydney with Jean's Christmas presents. Katie-Ann is in a foul mood and finds fault with the presents Jean had given...
Where we left off This Christmas the family is separated for the first time since there parent's passing. Jean is not with them. Katie-Ann is very upset about it. As she has taken on the job of keeping the family together. Little Carissa is happy she got a beautiful porcelain do...
Where we left off Jean has gone to spend Christmas with her boyfriend and his family. Katie-Ann is furious and little Carissa doesn't understand why her sister Jean could not be home for Christmas.
Confederation with Canada meant that there was no tariff on items coming from mainland Canada and soon the outports were flooded with mail order catalogues. Shortly controversy reigned supreme with some side-splitting results. Meanwhile Adam experiences his first city Christmas.
These fortune tellers seem to grow like mushroom in critical times and everybody seem to have the same queries.
December 25th is Jesus' official birthday rather than the actual date of His birth but it may be closer than previously thought.
Firefighters become like brothers and sisters around the fire house and each firefighter has their way of expressing their comradeship with one another during the Christmas holiday season.
These are some of the Famous People Who Died On Christmas Day
Christians believed that December 25 was the birth of Jesus, born of the Virgin Mary, the great High Priest, the founder of the Christian church and central figure of the human race. But December 25 also marked the births and deaths of some well-known and historical personalities.
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