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Step by step directions for creating polymer clay candy canes that look good enough to eat.
It is all about how we can make a simple yet beautiful and cheaper Christmas tree.
For me this year Christmas will be very different. Read on to find out more about it.
Christmas trees seem to be the symbol for Christmas. Each year families spend a lot of money buying a real Christmas tree however, you can save a lot of money to buy an artificial one. They look just as realistic and are even more beneficial. I will help customers review the differenc...
Christmas is coming so why not be more innovative this year and craft some cards, decorations or tree ornaments to save money and to make it more personal? Here we give a number of suggestions and a guide on what you can craft this Christmas.
This article is about the passion I have for sewing especially on my Mom's 150 years old Treadle sewing machine.
If you're into Christmas decorating but have limited budget, here are some tips you can use.
Here are some thoughts for do-it-yourself party decorations that will earn your home a warm, refined, and inviting atmosphere without an unreasonable quantity of time put in.
Every Year I Say "No" To Tinsel On The Tree..Then I Always Change My Mind!
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