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Christmas Holiday 1963....Turmoil I cannot face .so I look at the sea surface .far into the distant horizon
Merry Christmas Ma'am Carol......Now I will compose a poem ..on you ...your expeditions
A Bishop named Nicholas who lived in the fourth century AD in a Turkey was a very rich man because his parents who had died when he was young had left him a lot of money. He also had a kind heart, giving secret gifts to the needy and helping the poor who needed it...
Christmas can be a very terrible time for poor children. However, one little child had a happy Christmas with help of my grandmother,
This story is one of my childhood stories which was published in my book, Picking Up the Pieces: A Woman’s Journey. The book is no longer in print.
This short story is about John's last Christmas. He had to spend it without his father around, who had died just two days before Christmas day. Unfortunately, he chose for various reasons (see the story) not to spend it with his own wife, or with his own poor old dear mother too. I...
Oh my goodness what a wonderful feeling...Christmas is over. Sit down and relax for a while. Take it easy.
I am so sorry I haven't been here for a few days as I had a Christmas train to make for my Grand Daughter, who is almost two, so I thought I would try to write two Christmas poems for all of you...Merry Christmas
Christmas, Today is Christmas! Beautiful Christmas colors, white, red and green!
A little Christmas fantasy story, can dreams really come true?
It is white time of the year and there is a certain stillness in the air, Christmas music everywhere, and as I cannot sing to you, nor send you a card this year I thought I would post my seasons greatings on wikinut this year...So Merry Christmas to All and to all a wonderful life...u...
From my upstairs window I watched as the lonely ones came and went, the street people, the beggars, the drunks, the homeless. I had made friends with the Pencil Lady who sold yellow #2 pencils three for dime on the streets for her eats, as the world around me seemed to come a little m...
Providence still sends the moon and stars on the just and unjust. The world has enough for us all. From many years past and up to the present Christmas time has held happiness and misery to rich and the poor. This prose focuses on the past, but it could easily be the present. You deci...
Hi I am the writer and publisher of this prose and have tried to emphasize a moral about mans inhumanity to man in this post. Thank you for talking time to read read it. And thanks for the moderation.
A poem on Christmas my favorite day of the year with all kinds of holiday cheers.
It's not up to you to make this Christmas phenomenal. Christmas is really stupendous all alone. Christmas is a festival of affection and trust incarnate. It's a season to concentrate on the inconceivable blessing given to us. In the event that it doesn't feel like a season of revival,...
We all know that special time of year when our savior, Jesus Christ was born.. That festive moment we all celebrate.
Christmas is Jesus Christ's Birthday, but you ask, "Where did all these Christmas trees, ornaments, mistletoe, and the stocking come from?". You will not believe where some of these traditions come from and how very intermingled Christmas is into all religions and all cultures. Many ...
The meaning of true Christmas is gone these years.............
Christmas is..... About giving Because someone else Gave so much up!
A true believer's take on the Christmas Holiday celebrated all around the world.
Jesus who was manifested in the flesh, Justified in the spirit, he was Seen by angels
A stray cat wanders alone on a cold Christmas night, looking for a home.
Heres a fun little Christmas poem I wrote when in one of my Humorous moods. I hope you enjoy and get a little kick out of it.
Tis the season to be woofy! All I want for Christmas is... I don't know what, but whatever I get will be good enough.
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