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More and more people are complaining about being tired all the time.but how do we know when fatigue is caused by external factors or when it due to a medical condition?
The most common problems during the Pregnancy includes fatigues, mood changes, hormonal imbalance, food craving etc. The chronic fatigue syndrome could be dangerous if it remains ignored. So know about this syndrome and take treatment.
The educationalists, medical profession, employers, politicians and the entire society at large are the main source to create awareness among the masses about the CFS (Chronic fatigue syndrome).
We all know what tiredness is. And all of us have experienced it many a time. It comes and then goes after sometime. But if it persists and becomes a real problem, what does it indicate? Read on to know more.
There is nothing more frustrating than having a condition that not many people understand. "But you don't look sick" is something we who have fibromyalgia hear way too often. I hope this article can help start education friends and family.
Chronic fatigue syndrome is a state of continued tiredness. It is difficult to cure completely. Proper medical advice, attention and Patient’s active participation is helpful in relieving CFS SYNDROME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).Yoga and Meditation is very much helpful in controlling...
In today`s fast paced world, people are often so overworked and highly stressed that to them, being sore and tired at the end of each day is just part of life. But what about those who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome?
Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a chronic condition characterized by profound physical and mental fatigue that is not improved by rest. Persons with CFS function at a level of activity substantially lower than that which they were capable of before the onset of illness.
Chronic fatigue syndrome is one of those medical conditions which are still neither fully explained, nor easily cured or prevented. It is actually not a single disease, but a combination of medical signs and symptoms that can result from many causes. It is important that we understand...
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