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Adam's brother Lawrence and his pregnant girlfriend make plans to get married. Adam is pleased that he is considered too young to be in the wedding party.
I return from my time travels and learn that my sons have new plans.
I relate my experience as a ghost fisher plus weddings and a grandson.
The month of June is a busy one for Felipe and Mona - first with the exams coming up and now a wedding.
Felipe tells Mona about his dream and becomes more self accepting.
Felipe – it was an unusual name in the tiny island community of Southern Arm off Newfoundland’s Northern Peninsula where names like Richard, John, Charles, Benjamin and George had been common boys’ names for as long as anyone in the community could remember. Oh sometimes there w...
The consequences of war become all too real for the residents of a small community in outport Newfoundland and especially for one young woman awaiting the return of her soldier sweetheart.
The earliest European settlers and how they fared in the New - Found - Land.
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