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How to spot members of foreign espionage agencies without difficulty
Examining the results of the 'Arab Spring' and the very long and dangerous Islamic Winter
Refusing to provide information in NSA-committee of the Bundestag has reached a new dimension. Now not even details are confirmed, which are in the press for weeks. The legal basis of eavesdropping also remains unclear.
How the Jamaican Government was underthrown in 1980 and how the very same methods are being used in Venezuela today
In this second instalment of my "conscious coupling" of Barbados' Reverends Holmes Williams and America's William Holmes McGuffey I explore the connections with earthly government that affected their ministries. How did these unquestionable "servants of the Kingdom of heaven" reconci...
Normalization of cold relationship between United States and Cuba this week to carve a new historical record. Hostilities between the two countries that has lasted for nearly half a century seems to make the leaders of both countries have a number of unique actions, even since the era...
In this fragment you come to know the way for master of Soviet passenger liner to “earn” award – the Hero of Socialistic Labor. With soviet tourists to the master was to be almost afraid of nothing. It is not foreigners with which it is possible easily, as gonorrhea, to catch up...
The Real Congressman Charlie Wilson was at once one of the most charming and disturbing men I ever knew.
When a country is very corrupt, government officers there can do things you will never believe they are capable of committing. Won't you find out?
Two presidents have demanded that the UFO files be released. Both were disappointed.
Captain Korthrox and Captain Hatonn, both keen observers of flash points around the world, speak anew from the starship, zeroing in on famous or infamous personalities in high places, their frivolities included. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Here are tidbits of facts as Captain Korthrox sees them from his starship that is unfailingly hovering over our skies out of concern for the planet and humankind. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Captain Korthrox makes a commentary on the world's sad state of affairs as he keenly observes them from above. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Captain James Galiac Sananda, known for not mincing his words, takes a swipe at the not so slight sins and offenses committed by the Generals of a mighty power that lay behind their "glittering" facade. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
How our congress continues to operate above and way beyond the constitution.
Edward Snowden, self-professed leaker of NSA classified documents on surveillance programs is on the lamb.
President Obama publicly states his drone assassination policy has resulted in very little 'collateral damage.' Here is the evidence to the contrary.
The very dark future for the Nations who enjoyed their 'Arab Spring' and now have entered the treacherous Islamic Winter
A true to life thriller depicting the escape of six Americans from Iran.
And... I am faith... I have faith... I overcome... the greatest good come to me Now!
What if you wake up tomorrow and see that the US Military has initiated a large scale intervention in the growing conflict with the Mexican Zeta Cartel? This is what my source has guaranteed will happen within 6 months unless another bigger event happens that could take the attention ...
Instead of treating whistleblowers as the courageous, heroic people they are, the Obama administration considers them criminals.
Questioning if there has been some outside involvement in the Unrest in the Middle East
Some parties don't want you to know certain facts:a Pope writing an erotic book,prescription drugs being lethal,HIV tests being wrong half the time.....a lot of unbelievable truths like these are uncovered about the world around us.
From within the society, many voices rose against US drone strikes on the Tribal Areas of Pakistan but this time, Army has spoken !
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