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Addicted to the cigarettes?! Read some of my tips and stop today. Today is the right time.
The city has been shut down by a raging blizzard. Everyone is home waiting out the storm. Molly did some detective work while Dad was watching the football game. She found out the curator's background was not squeaky clean. He was now at the top of Molly's list of suspects.
in fact, all addicts want to stop smoking cigarettes, but very hard to stop because it was an opiate, in my opinion, the only way to stop smoking is, the intention in the liver to quit smoking, here is my experience to stop smoking.
People who are not willing to work properly can survive in some society because they have friends at high places.
Wanna quit smoking but you just can't do it? Come on i'm gonna teach you how.
Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health so you must quit smoking while it's not too late yet take care of yourself and don't shorten you own life.
Here is a cigarette, the favorite of millions of human beings, that can tell you a few facts. Whether you listen to it or never care about it, the cigarette does tell you something.
Cigarettes in the UK may be marketed in plain packaging a few years after the government revive the policy to prevent youth smoking.
There are persons who need to stop smoking, but they cant. Here are the drawbacks that causes while we smoke and i am suggesting some tips to avoid that .
Health is your aim, so stop smoking and try to protect your family from this danger. Now you can do it with the help of the new cig.
I recently purchased a nicolite disposable e-cigarette and decided to share my thoughts and first impressions.
Before I start let me make it clear,I am a smoker and this is not a down on any of my fellow smokers. All the information you will find in this article I have gleaned from the back of a packet of “Pall Mall” cigarettes. All I have done is to use a calculator to gather what amount ...
I am a lot healthier, fitter, more energetic now, food taste better and have money in my pocket.
An old man remembering from when he was young the views of his future and hopes of becoming someone that he once looked too, as a role model and mentor.
Cigarette smoking became a wide spread phenomenon in the Western countries in the beginning of 20th century. “Do you inhale?” asking customers was the famous Lucky Strike ad campaign in 30s.
Those who smoke as soon as they wake up in the morning, are in much greater risk of developing cancer, compared to those that start smoking later during the day, according to an American study published in the journal Cancer.
Experience of seeing an UFO last november involving myself and my wife.
~motel neon lights~vacancy~Gideon~she laughs~takes a long draw on her man’s brownbag wine~that guy in the liquor store~he didn’t die so good~the memory turns her on~make love to me~on this pile of one dollar bills~this little light o’ mine~
Even though there are lot of information around about the consequences of certain actions. Yet that seems not to make much of a difference.
~ naked singin’ ~ those steel teeth blues harp ~ smokin’ fist & a handful o’ smokes ~ rollin’ that Lincoln ~ shootin’ needle ~ desert sunshine ~ damned lightning ~ maiden nipples ~ dancers anointed ~ dawn don’t damn care ~
Products that replace tobacco habit are fast flooding the Indian markets!
Bad breath is triggered by many things, among them is a certain compound found in everyday foods
~ She had smiling eyes~just enough flesh there where a man might die for a kiss to dare~hollow chin~raised throat~ah then swallow me death’s face~life a cloak~just refuse to be~
New York used to be the city that never sleeps. These days it's the city that never smokes, drinks or does anything naughty (at least, not in public). The Big Apple is quickly turning into the Forbidden Apple.
Smoking was said to be an act of fascination. The result of smoking causing please to one’s mind and also to one’s own attitude was said to be an esteem. Smoking was said to be a choice of lifestyle but now it is the reason for thousands and millions of death all over the world du...
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