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Addicted to the cigarettes?! Read some of my tips and stop today. Today is the right time.
When you do something which is really bad and are rewarded for it
Smoking is a pleasure for the smokers who does not know how their bodies are being damaged. It is their habit to smoke and enjoy the smoking in spite of the warning printed on the cigarette packet that smoking is injurious to health.Smo...
To quit smoking, one only needs to be convinced oneself without interference or biased propaganda.
opium when it is very difficult to stop smoking, the only way is with the intention to quit smoking in the liver and never buy cigarettes, the following is my experience to quit smoking.
in fact, all addicts want to stop smoking cigarettes, but very hard to stop because it was an opiate, in my opinion, the only way to stop smoking is, the intention in the liver to quit smoking, here is my experience to stop smoking.
Recognising how you are controlled, manipulated, directed, and used by society
as the stick of death hangs between your lips,you decide you accept your burning fate.
St. Stephen's day falls on a Sunday and all but Felipe attend at least one of the church services. Monday sees the first 'time' of the Christmas season.
Red Level, Alabama, located in Covington County is on most days just like any other small town in the good old USA, except that it has a church with a deep and haunted history. The gates that once protected the church and the small cemetery are now just rusty reminders that you are sa...
The latest study suggesting that eatting too much animal protein is as bad for you as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.
The lead in cigarettes is radioactive. It has a “half-life” of 20 years. This means it continues to be radioactive for a long time. So, if you stop smoking, the risk of cancer continues. On the facing page, there is a photograph of cancer cells.
Is about how I past my first 3 months without cigarette and How I quit to smoke.
The Nonsense And Hazard That Comes And That Goes Along With Smoking.
My efforts of giving up smoking, it includes previous efforts and some info that others might find useful, hints and tips that make it easier to give up smoking.
If you smoke, you are committing suicide one butt at a time...
Workshop about addiction to cigarettes and possible ways withdrawal. This workshop is intended for high school students.
I recently purchased a nicolite disposable e-cigarette and decided to share my thoughts and first impressions.
Phillip was a young man who loved Kung Fu, movies, joking around, and unfortunately...smoking cigarettes.
nicotine from cigarettes travels straight to the brain where it links up with nicotinic acetylcholine receptors and sets in motion a whole series of hormonal and physical reactions.
Smoking: should it be banned completely? or should we only impose some restrictions on its use.
Those who smoke as soon as they wake up in the morning, are in much greater risk of developing cancer, compared to those that start smoking later during the day, according to an American study published in the journal Cancer.
Amy Winehouse may have passed on, but her fans are still supporting her.
This is my personal story on how I gave up smoking. To all those out there who want to stop rest assured, there is one powerful and sure way to stop.
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