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Who doesn't love the Cinderella story? Or any romantic gestures that make your heart beat faster? This is a reminder for all the guys out there to keep showing the girl in your life that she's YOUR GIRL and has your heart and attention. So, boys, never stop showering her with love ...
This is a tribute article concerning my top ten favorite secular or not necessarily Christian songs from the year 2011. Because of all the profanity and explicit suggestions in the popular music of today, I am always looking for songs that are clean, fresh and positive.
Gareth Gates appears at Crewe in his latest pantomime, Cinderella. We travelled up to see him. Would this pantomime be even better than past ones? Read on to find out more.
This is a personal experience from my childhood when I lived with my grandmother and I grew up in poverty.
A personal note about the recent movies I watched.
As Mayor of this capital city, this lady is a real disgrace and its inhabitants aim to get rid of her on next year.
Can Cheap Thrill live up to the promise of classic 80s hard rock as delivered by their members who were part of Cinderella, White Lion and the Gibbs Brothers? I set forth for the opening night of their European tour to find out.
How many times can the story of Cinderella be told? Well, since it's different people all the time with their own unique rendition, it would appear the answer is infinite!
I have made changes so no negativity can remain..My Inner Councillors prompted me to take off the names for they do not want me to go along that downward path. But this is still a tale of good versus bad as the fairytale of Cinderella does tell...
Albans Arena is a theatre and music venue, situated in the historic centre of St Albans in the UK. Famous names have appeared there in various guises. Read on to find out more
This is an inspired poem by a poet on the suffering of Cinderella that midnight
A couple of writers in challenged me into writing my own Cinderella Story. Here's the outcome!
This humourous article is dedicated to all GCFRs of Nigeria on the occasion of Nigeria's 52 Independence Celebration. It is a collection of jokes from some Nigerian commedians with a view of freeing people from stress and to put smiles on the faces of readers generally.
Ever had any of your stories cross-examined by a 3 year old? (and not to mention been dumbfounded!) Here's my experience which might arm you to face those cherubic devils...
Chinese Cinderella CHINESE CINDERELLA - Chapter Summaries Novel by Adeline Yen Mah
For those who grew up under Walt Disney’s wondrous cinematic spell, the world of fairy tales and fables appears to be a veritable wonderland created just for kids. But what most parents and children are unaware of is that most of these beloved classic stories were never intended fo...
Wouldnt it be fun if the plots of some of the well known Christmas stories were updated for a twenty first audience.
Escape to a land of fantasy and magic to begin your "happily ever after" story.
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