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This page seeks to explode the Myth about Why Aromatherapy works & to teach you how to use Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Safely, with full knowledge of their Properties.
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Poor circulation can be something as simple as sitting the wrong way for to long, or it can be a much more serious condition. If you suspect you may have poor circulation, it is important that you talk to your doctor as soon as you can. You can use these useful tips to help increase y...
A lot of people who suffer from high blood pressure want to know how to improve blood circulation, a common symptom of HBP and surprisingly, a cause as well. If your legs feel tight or painful when you walk and are swelling up below the knees and around the ankles, you may be sufferin...
Exercise and physical activities lessens some psychological disturbances such as anxieties, depression,stress,anger and others.
The blood vessels serves as the passageway or pathways for the blood through out the entire body. There are three types of blood vessels; the arteries, the veins,and the capillaries.
The veins are the blood vessels that carry deoxygenated blood, the blood which contains carbon dioxide.
Although cayenne is among the most widely used medicinal herbs in the US, it is also among the most misunderstood. Good for a variety of ailments, cayenne should be a part of every herbal medicine cabinet.
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