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The cruelty of man is not only confined to slaughtering and eating the flesh of sentient beings but also extends to gory sport and entertainment. - Jamie SR Cortez
Elephants have always been the biggest (no pun intended) draw for me at circuses and zoos. They always seem to be such gentle giants, but appearances can be deceiving.
This is a story of when Perdy and Rachel went to the circus and met a new friend and some of the adventures he had there.
The comical goings-on of a seddy motel in town and the barker-esque musings of a taxi driver.
How New York is attempting to improve the wa they treat animals. Just letting the circus is the only problem. But they are truly trying.
A popular zoo attraction but struggling in the wild. This is just a quick piece on these lovable animals.
Somebody asked me what I would be if I ran away and joined a circus. In a nutshell the following is my answer.
Can you handle the crazy circus style of love in you life or just pass it by for something more calm?
Now a days dangerous stunts are banned on the roads, the stunts are only shown in circus with experienced riders. A vertical motor cycle ride round the circle of the pit.
this is about a book i have read, and i wanted to share with evertone who may be interested.
It is a poetry abou my feelings as being unemployed and precaurious life and hoping to find a way out
"Address me doleful with eyes' tears; care for me to applaud once forever; ........................................................." A poem about a dancer acrobat in a circus.
Jacob Jankowski (Robert Pattinson) raised in a Polish family in America and studying to be a Vet like his Dad. But in the midst of his exam he is informed a shocking news that..
Circus is part of entertainment started in the ancient era and underwent changes fromits origin to modern times.
Another part of the collaboration that is still in progress with my friend Jasmine :)
Alligators are among the most dreaded and fearsome predators in the animal kingdom. Learn here what happened when two of them were used as circus performers, and the consequences that ensued when they came had an encounter with a character even more fear enducing than them.
I guess most of the readers reading this articles do have or had pets in their homes and have named their pets. Whether it is a dog or a cat or anything, you give them a name by which you call them. Anyways, people name their pets also after the names of various celebrities, like I ha...
Personal stance on Jade Goody's Cancer Battle and the Media Circus which surrounded and followed on.
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