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Modernization makes city's population increasing year by year. The rural people tend to consider to migrate to live in the city. Whether living in the city is most favorable?
This is my unbiased opinions of our president, government and the citizens of the Philippines.
This is my own unbiased opinion about our country's government and its political leaders, I am just a neutral party, and I don't take side with either the citizens or the government.
The cause of high rate of inflation has been partly our own making. Only domestic economy measures can reduce the suffering of the citizens.
When it comes to entertainment places, there is a place called Las Vegas in the United States of America where senior citizens will have maximum entertainment and also the satisfaction of good security around.
An overview of the effects or otherwise of the monarchical system as practiced in the UK, Netherlands, Spain and Australia
A poem on national integration and protection of a nation by their own soldiers. A wound is an injury, usually involving splitting up of tissue or break of the minor or major part of the human body, due to external violence or some war between nations, rather than a disease. -WILLIAMS...
This is a review of the article titled public culture written by a popular scholar Achille Mbembe. It focuses more on politics and how politicians control their subjects once they get into power.
When a child is born overseas the United States wants to know its parentage to make sure it qualifies for citizenship and benefits. When it has been checked the child gets their U. S. Passport and their United States birth certificate.and are then a citizen.
If what “Cablegate” eludes to is true then some Corporations are corrupt and have their hands in all aspects of national and international economics and environmental acts. The wars that are marring the lands of Afghanistan are heavily involved in corruption between...
What is a “Red Dawn”? “Red Dawn” was a 1984 movie starring Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell and Lea Thompson. There were many serious technical blunders made while shooting that movie that any astute viewer, especially if the viewer is knowledgeable of weapons, will pick up on...
Among men, friendship is gratuitous. Whether we are relatives or neighbors, we are not forced to become friends. Friendship is a relationship that cannot be imposed by circumstances, shared aspirations or working association. This is also true with God’s love for us. His friends...
e are often compromise in certain situations wherein it calls a decision that many if not all of us favor to somebody close to us that makes our position put in jeopardy just to please someone. But the law should prevail, there should be no compromises regardless of who they are or w...
A cry of help to a super hero to come and save this world of ours, infested with crime, abuse and violence!
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