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Modernization makes city's population increasing year by year. The rural people tend to consider to migrate to live in the city. Whether living in the city is most favorable?
When leading politicians claim for stricter control on the use of the World Wide Net, it's enough to get common citizens to fret.
When comparing the procedures which are to lead to the biggest bilateral trade agreement ever negotiated, the weaknesses of the ever evolving European Union appear blatantly. They resound the fear of those who see in the prospective Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership a pot...
The lack of accountability regarding the procedure of negotiations for the TTIP leads inexorably to the marginalisation of the EU citizens. Only by considering this procedure as provided by the TFEU, their absence appears flagrant. Though the European Union Parliament remains a fundam...
Diehard horror fans, thrill seekers, zombie hunters and lovers of all things paranormal will undoubtedly come to life and thrive at the Evans City Cemetery where George A. Romero shot most of his iconic movie "The Night of the Living Dead, catapulting the Steel City into the classic s...
The Grand Opera House is running on full speed and October is a popular month to visit the spirits of the theater. Happy Hour sets off the evening which is then followed by a grand tour where according to the experienced tour guide you will meet some of the legendary characters of the...
The observance of a monthly environmental sanitation is absurd because it only shows a society where the people and their government only pay lip service to environmental and health issues just once in month.
How our democratic countries are being turned into police states.
There are numerous benefits in preparing the will while you are still of sound mind. The will gives you a peace of mind knowing that all the events surrounding your end of life, are executed in the manner that you want, and that your wishes are respected by those left behind.
The building of a country requires the leadership and populace to understand and repond to the changes around them.
Government services are for the people, and so the services holders are peoples' servants- but are they?
It is a known fact that many seniors save when they’re young, and when they get to the age of sixty-five, they start spending it again. So why doesn't their opinion count?
What is Citizen Journalism? Why has it had such in impact on news over the last decade?
There are many books and articles written on India's history but it always seems as if something is left, there is some story which wants to be exposed and known by the whole world.
“ I create nothing, I own,” Gordon Gekko. This statement from a fictitious character, speaks volumes as to the nature of our current reality. Perhaps it is the only way it can be, one thing is certain, it is the only way it will be, until we are able to find the strength to make a...
What is a “Red Dawn”? “Red Dawn” was a 1984 movie starring Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell and Lea Thompson. There were many serious technical blunders made while shooting that movie that any astute viewer, especially if the viewer is knowledgeable of weapons, will pick up on...
A poem i wrote about Lagos, Nigeria in West Africa. A very busy town and the former capital of Nigeria. Lagos is densly populated and the most busy city in Nigeria.
Another short essay about the illogical views liberals have of people with power.
Some of many reasons for the Mobile Fire Department of having Chaplains are to provide spiritual help and support to the firefighters and family members.
My thoughts on the newly passed Arizona Immigration Law SB1070
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